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There are a total of 43 maps in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (28 in the standard version at original release) that range from 2 to 6 player. An additional 38 maps were added with Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising.

  • * These maps were originally part of the Premier Edition, various pre-orders or Beta Tests, and have since been made freely available to everyone.
  • ** These maps were added to the game via patch 1.11.

Map List

Map Players Details
Battlebase Beta 2
Black Tortoise* 2
Cabana Republic 2
Canals of Carnage 2
Casual Encounter 2
Deep End* 2
Dreadnought Lane/Dreadnought Alley* 2
Fire Island 2
Industrial Strength 2
Infinity Isle 2
Neon Crisis* 2
Pier Pressure* 2
Secret Shrine 2
Snow Plow 2
Spring Fever** 2
Temple Prime 2
Turtle Village* 2
Wrong Steppe* 2
Caldera of Chaos 3
Hidden Fortress 3
Pyroclasm/Sniper's Hollow 3
Repair Bay* 3
Age of Reckoning* 4
Blitzen's Back** 4
Battlebase Octopon 4
Cold Showdown 4
Death Aquatic 4
Hostile Hostel 4
Last Resort* 4
Pool Party 4
Reef Madness 4
Ring of Fire 4
Rock Ridge 4
Pool Party 4 The map is a temperate island with four pools in the center.
Roundhouse Redux 4
Circus Maximus 5
Loch Mess* 5
Murder Mesa 5
Burnt-Out Paradise 6
Carville 6
Mamageddon 6
Sub-Zero Hour 6
Swimming Hazard* 6

Uprising Map List

Map Players Details
Acid Rain
Apocalypse Mountain 6 Some smaller islands surround the big one. The battle is held on land plus at sea, like in Blood Feud. A bigger island is in the middle of the map. Five player represent themselves near the shorelines of the island's coast. The middle represents the player being attacked by the other four player.
Assassin's Road 4 The map has the mainland on four parts: north-west, north-east, south-west and south-east. There are islands on the water including one big island in the middle of it.
Au Revoir Reservoir 2 The map features water in the middle with snow and urban terrains across all sides of the entire battlefield.
Battlebase Hexis 6 The map is surrounded by water, but in the middle appears to be an Imperial Floating Fortress. There are six ramps leading to the water from all sides of the fortress.
Battlebase Quartus 4 The map has water surrounding the field and a Floating Fortress sits right in the middle of it like a diamond. It has urban activities going on here, too.
Bear Zamok 4 This map has water surrounding the square with some land in the middle and the castle walls from Future Warfare being in it. That surrounds the battlefield in the middle of it between all four players.
Caldera of Calamity
Corporate Warfare 4 The map is on water with an island that looks like a backwards 'Z' in the middle of it. It is filled with desert terrain with some urban activities and there are at least six pieces of ground just between the establishments of all four players with urban activity.
Crimson Tide 4 The map features the mainland all around the sides as the water is in the middle. There are four islands on it and six hills each swarm from the sides of the map to the coast of the water.
Desolation (Uprising) 4 As the water is on the right, there is a lot of desert around the land that is on the left side of the map. This also includes some urban activities.
Florazon Basin 4 This map has an island in the middle of some water. The small island is located north-west of two players' positions, while the big island sits at the center of attention.
Fried River 3 It features four parts of the mainland with water separating them and making it a coastal environment. In the Commander's Challenge, the map was used for Viscious Circle which took place in Panama.
Grinder Gulch 2 The whole map is filled with desert terrain and there are a lot of urban activities going on around the battlefield, some of them are at the players' main bases.
Hard Lesson 2 There is water at the side and bottom of this map, while the platform has both snow and urban activities sitting on it.
Holdout Keep 6 There is water surrounded by coastal lands and a small island in the middle of the map. That island has a castle wall that surrounds the player's base just like the Commander's Challenge mission, Tesla's Castle. The final mission in the Commander's Challenge, Future Warfare uses this map and takes place in the Soviet Union.
Honor Bound 4 Honor Bound is an island's paradise. Two small islands are set near the mainland. The one in the south-west corner of the map, is the player. A big island in between the smaller ones is where the two factions fight each other.
Infinity Isle
Isla Nooblar 4 The island is surrounded by water. It has coastal terrain around all four ends of the island where the opponents are and has temperate terrain on the inside.
Island Arena 2 Standing on water, the map features some coastal obstacles around the island and grass has drawn on the field. Two players sit west to east of the arena.
Jungle Stalkers 4 The map has water surrounding an island that looks like a small Floating Fortress. It has four white ramps to go into the sea, while the rest of the terrain sits on the island such as both dirt and temperate.
Killington Cove 2 As a riverbed and beach are at the bottom of the map, the land actually surrounds it. Two bases sit opposite near the riverbed. All across the north are civilian structures and an Oil Derrick (Red Alert 3) for either the player to capture the building which will secure more funds.
Kodiak Lake 2 The map has grass all over it and water situated in the middle of it. The name, Kodiak Lake comes from the lake that sits in the middle of the battlefield.
Mir's Landing 2 This map is located on a volcanic island, with the center of the island constantly bombarded by Orbital Drops. Only the edges of the island (including the starting areas) are safe from the rain of space debris.
Oil Slick 4 The map is on water with four bits of mainland sticking out from north, south, west and east. An island in a circle is in the middle and there are tons of Oil derricks in the area.
Power Play 2 The map has water surrounding the island in the middle of it. It has the coast surrounding it and temperate lands sitting on it. Both players face each other south-west and north-east of their positions.
Pure Oniage 2 Pure Oniage has an island on water with some urban activities on temperate land. Two temperate islands sit south-east of the players' position as the light purple ground north-west of their position can be scoured for any Ore Refineries there.
Quad Damage 4 Quad Damage has a lot of snow around with urban activities and some water in a circle, drawn by four bridges.
Repair Bay
Rival Schools 2 The water travels from north-west to south-east with four sets of mainland sitting near the riverbed. A small island sits in the middle of the map and there are urban activities across this battlefield, too.
Shogun's Alley 4 Shogun's Alley has urban activities and a grassy terrain across the battlefield. Four river ends are close to the players' bases as two rivers, seen in the north-east and south-west directions are flowing down towards the directions they are actually going to.
Skirmish maps (Uprising)
Sniper's Hollow
Snow Bank 2 The water surrounds an island that has a bridge between two players. The island is filled with snow that is coming from Antarctica.
Soundless Hill 2 North of the map, is the mainland. This is where the two factions fight each other. South of the map, is the ocean.
Trench Warfare 4 The polar opposite of Grinder Gulch, this map is composed entirely of water. Since there is no flatland on the map, no ground structures or ground units can be deployed.
Twisted Terrace 2 There is an island with two hills in the middle of the map. The water separates the mainland sticking out from the north-west and the south-east ends of the map.
Red Alert 3 skirmish maps