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RA3 Gameicon.png
Sky Knight
Internal name AlliedAttackDrone
Affiliation Allies RA3.png Allied Nations
Role Ground attack UCAV
Armament 500lb. armour-piercing bomb
Armor type Light
Produced by Aircraft carrier
Squad size 5
Parent Aircraft carrier
Send another wave!
- Aircraft carrier launching a Sky Knight wave

The Sky Knight is an Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV), designed to operate from modern aircraft carriers. Their unmanned design, coupled with the automated production facilities aboard the Carrier, lowers the amount of crew needed to operate the ship, as well as the overall size of it, to feasible limits.

When not in use, the Sky Knights are constantly monitored below deck. The Sky Knights are launched in squadrons of five, and release a single 500lb bomb upon reaching a target. The drones are quick and easy to replace if destroyed; and Captains can use their expendable nature to draw AA fire away from more expensive manned aircraft flying in the same airspace.

To prevent such an onslaught from these 'tiny terrors' it's best to dispatch them with focused AA fire. To nullify the threat at least 4 AA defenses.



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