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Sky Sentry is a GDI satellite appearing in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


The Sky Sentry satellites are one of the most important tools InOps have at their disposal. Capable of global surveillance and scanning, they are a significant part of Blue Zone protection, allowing for pin-pointing abberant energy signatures, locating Nod bases, even cloaked ones, and up-to-date intelligence. Their role in the third tiberium war proved vital in many tasks including the discovery of a Nod liquid Tiberium research Lab and the nuclear launch facility in Cairo which destroyed the Philadelphia.

Previous incarnations of theSky Sentry existed prior to the Third Tiberium War such as the complex spy satellite grid combined with the orbital defence matrix during the First Tiberium War and a limited network of infrared, camera and communication satellites controlled by the Philadelphia during TW2. And then, finally, the commissioning of a networked grid of roughly over 400 satellites for GDI at the cost of an estimated 800 billion credits, dubbed Sky Sentry.


While only mentioned in Tiberium Wars, in Global Conquest mode for GDI, the Sky Sentry becomes an usable support power, allowing the player to temporarily reveal all Nod bases worldwide.

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