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CNC4 Gameicon.png
CNC4 Slave Cameo.png
Affiliation Nod Defense Class
Role Support vehicle
Cost 3 CP
Build time 0:08
Produced by Nod Defense Crawler
Requires Rank 2
Research CNC4 Enhanced Repairs Cameo.png Enhanced repairs
Range boost
Speed boost
Abilities Repair allies
Incendiary mines
Deploy outpost

The Slave is a Defense Class tier 1 vehicle in Tiberian Twilight.


Slaves build outposts and mine surrounding approaches, then eagerly work to repair damaged structures. Their direct equivalent is the GDI Dozer. Uniquely, it is the only Nod vehicle which can be garrisoned into buildings and transport vehicles.


Slaves are cheap and easy to produce, but slower than the engineer. It can build outposts like the GDI Dozer and can set mines, the difference is that it places incidenary mines instead of EMP mines. It also have short repair range, it must get near to the damaged unit to repair it, exposing it to enemy fire, but unlike the engineer, it can repair more HP than the engineer, in change of protection. Upgrades like the Range boost will give it an inch away from it's target, Speed boost can make escapes faster and Enhanced Repairs will increase the already impressive repair power. Note that it has nothing to say because its more than a cybernetic robot drone.

An achievement can be aquired if the player destroys several units using the slave's mine laying ability.

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