Sleeper Ambush is a special ability allowing Imperial Commander to summon 5 Tankbusters from underground, where they will slowly emerge from the targeted area. In order to prevent this ability from falling to enemy hands, The Empire only gives it to their Commanders via the Top Secret Protocol menu, whilst having a Imperial construction yard present and after the Commander unlocks the prior upgrades. It costs 24 Security points to unlock.

Once enabled, the Commander can designate the target zone before giving the order. Five Tankbuster units will then slowly "rise" from underground over a period of about 10 seconds. However, they are very vulnerable while emerging, being unable to move, attack, or use their burrow ability to avoid being crushed by enemy vehicles that can crush infantry; in addition, they do not recieve bonuses from the Veteran Academy, being free reinforcements that have not been bought with credits. 

Therefore, this power is more useful when used to quickly bolster the strength of an assault in progress behind your units' battleline, or in an area the enemy has not scouted and/or established a defensive perimeter (hence the "Ambush" half of "Sleeper Ambush"). If used right, this power is especially useful when attacking an undefended enemy installation, or countering an enemy armored assault when your Tsunami Tanks are outgunned by enemy armor divisions, especially when facing Tanks and Light Vehicles. It's also quite useful when used near clusters of garrisonable structures (specifically in or near cities and towns), as Tankbusters can shred through structures as easily as vehicles, and even do some decent damage against infantry while garrisoned or protected by a meatshield.

See also

  • Rebel Ambush - Command and Conquer: Generals' ability counterpart, available to the GLA.
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