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Sleeper Ambush
Affiliation Empire of the Rising Sun
Cost 1 security point
Abilities Five Tankbusters rise slowly from the ground to attack enemy forces.

Sleeper Ambush is a special ability allowing Imperial Commander to summon 5 Tankbusters from underground in the targeted area. In order to prevent this ability from falling to enemy hands, The Empire only gives it, to their Commanders, via the Top Secret Protocol menu whilst having a Imperial construction yard present and after the Commander successfully upgrades Advanced Rocket Pods. It costs 24 Security points to unlock.

Once enabled, the Commander can designate the target zone before giving the order. Five Tankbuster units will then slowly "rise" from underground. They do not receive bonuses from the Veteran Academy. On deployment, however, makes Tankbusters very vulnerable to be attacked or crushed even they aren't yet successfully deployed. Sometimes it is very useless when deploy close to base defenses or anti-infantry like War Bears or Shinobis.

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