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The Republic of Slovenia is a Central European country. Throughout history, Slovenia has been part of larger countries: from the Roman Empire to Yugoslavia before declaring independence in 1991. It borders Italy to the west, Austria to the north, Croatia to the south and southeast and Hungary to the northeast.

Tiberium universe

First Tiberium War

Prior to the First Tiberium War, terrorist activities were reported in Slovenia, largely blamed on the Brotherhood of Nod. This along with the Grain Trade Center bombing prompted a closed meeting of the United Nations Security Commission. The United Nations permitted GDI to engage Nod openly, starting the First Tiberium War in Europe.[1]

Should Solomon choose to attack Slovenia following the GDI offensive in Hungary, he would take out the Nod base near Trieste. GDI forces are granted the new Orca aircraft thanks to new UN funding, which proved useful in taking out the Nod turret defenses leading to the base.[2]

Third Tiberium War

During the Third Tiberium War, Slovenia was classified as part of Yellow Zone Y-1. In the midst of the conflict, an Armageddon bomber from Brazil, carrying components of a Liquid Tiberium Bomb, was shot down over Slovenia. Nod quickly sent forces in to recover the device.

A Commando managed to take out a GDI force guarding the crash site, destroying AA Batteries to land more reinforcements. These troops reclaimed the device and reached an abandoned Nod base which was initially occupied by GDI. To ensure the safety of the device, Kane sent Avatar Warmechs to reinforce the troops protecting it. With the help of the Avatars, a major GDI blockade to the north was broken through, allowing the components for the liquid Tiberium bomb to be transported away on a highway, bound for Sarajevo.

Following the disastrous conclusion of the Siege of Temple Prime, Slovenia was destroyed by liquid Tiberium fallout and became part of Red Zone R-1.


  • In the briefing of Orcastration, although Trieste is a city in Italy, Sheppard refers to it as a Slovenian city. Further in the text, the area will be mentioned as Slovenian, as he mainly referred to the area surrounding Trieste, which is mostly Slovenian territory.

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