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Later in the GLA War, high-ranking GLA Generals were able to order the Tunnel Network engineers to instantly tunnel up through the ground and create an entrance at any location currently visible on their radar, without the need for a Worker on the surface to construct it. This way, they could launch shocking surprise attacks even from within the enemy's own base. The exit did take a short time to be ready for use and could be collapsed, if under heavy fire, especially from siege weaponry. Upon depolyment, the entrance functions identically to those built by workers, except that they lack the usual gun turret and do not automatically deploy RPG Troopers.

This tactic was originally developed by Prince Kassad, but when Kassad went rogue, the technology was taken from him and distributed throughout the GLA by an anonymous General. Leaders of the GLA restricted use of this tactic to certain generals who had received "promotions", as it required exposing the managers of their underground network.

It is available by default to all GLA Generals, when you face General Alexis Alexander in the Generals Challenge.


During the GLA campaign, a Sneak Attack was first introduced when the second Command Center under rogue Prince Kassad was captured by the side of a river. Acquiring this would be useful to put this away from enemy lines and after a try at it, a GLA Commander sent his taskforce to kill Kassad's remaining traitors and destroyed or captured his last Command Center to kill the stealthy Commander-in-Chief of Camo Netting devices. At Crete, GLA forces used a Sneak Attack on the other sides of their Palace and main base. US forces on the other side of the attacker's main base destroyed it a few times, but Jarmen Kell killed the crew of any Crusader tank or Humvee coming to destroy the Tunnel Network. They also proved useful for the last two missions on the western coast of the United States and in Stuttgart, Germany.

The US campaign had seen GLA defection usage of the Sneak Attack, in order to capture four missile sites and also kill Doctor Thrax, the GLA Commander-in-Chief of toxic weapons. In the Generals Challenge against General Alexander, Rodall Juhziz and the other two GLA Generals can use a Sneak Attack at the front door of Alexander's base. EMP Batteries can slow the construction of that tunnel down, but if they are destroyed by a GLA Scud Storm is the right choice for GLA Generals to put the tunnel there and strike foward.

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