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The Sniper is an Allied long-range anti-infantry infantry unit in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge, and is only available to Great Britain as a country-specific unit.

Official description

This British infantry unit is equipped with a special long-range rifle useful in taking out enemy infantry units. Much better than regular GIs, the sniper gains tremendous range and power, killing off enemy infantry units with a single shot from well out of their range.
- Red Alert 2 manual(src)

Game unit

The British Sniper can easily eliminate enemy infantry at great ranges.
- Multiplayer loading screen for Great Britain

Armed with a high-caliber bolt-action rifle, British Snipers are among the greatest infantry killers of the war, having an effective range far greater than that of standard infantry units, and even that of Yuri's specialized snipers, the Viruses. The sniper was also a master of stealth, being able to kill enemy infantry at long range without revealing his position.[1]

Though no man could survive being in a sniper's sights for long, the round lacked the power to sufficiently damage vehicles or structures. Combined with the sniper rifle's slow rate of fire, the sniper was at a disadvantage in close-ranged firefights.

To increase survivability, snipers could be deployed inside an IFV, enhancing their speed and rate of fire.

AI behavior

Snipers controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 1x targeting infantry


  • 1x loaded inside an IFV after regrouping near a Power Plant, then proceeds to target infantry


When selected

  • Sniper ready.
  • Give me a target.
  • Give me a job.
  • Eliminate 'em.

When moving

  • Proceeding to vantage point.
  • Just give me a clear view.
  • I love to camp.
  • Just get me close enough.
  • Settling in.

When ordered to attack

  • Taking him out.
  • He's in my scope.
  • He's a dead man.

When suppressed

  • Run for cover!
  • I need support!
  • I'm in too close!



English, French, and German versions share the same cameos.

English Korean Chinese
RA2 Sniper Cameo.png CNCRA2 Sniper Korean Cameo.png CNCRA2 Sniper Chinese Cameo.png
RA2 Sniper Veteran Icons.png CNCRA2 Sniper Korean Veteran Cameo.png CNCRA2 Sniper Chinese Veteran Cameo.png

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