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RA2 Gameicon.png YR Gameicon.png
RA2 Sniper Icons.png RA2 Sniper Veteran Icons.png Sniper
Affiliation RA2Alliedlogo.png Allies
(Flag of the United Kingdom.png Great Britain only)
Role Anti-infantry trooper
Armament Arctic Warfare Police rifle
Tier 2
Tech level 1
Hit points 125
Armor type None
Amphibious No
Cost $600
Build time 0:24
Produced by Allied barracks
Requires Airforce Command Headquarters
Ground attack 125 (HollowPoint)
Cooldown 150 (60 when elite, IFV)
Speed 4
Attack range 14
Sight range 8
Abilities Instantly kills infantry
Elite upgrade Increased strength, firepower, rate of fire, self-healing
Does not reveal position when attacking
He's a dead man!
- Sniper about to attack

Snipers were elite SAS operatives aiding the Allies during the first and the second iterations of the Third World War, excellent at eliminating enemy infantry from afar.


The British Sniper can easily eliminate enemy infantry at great ranges.
- Multiplayer loading screen for Great Britain

Armed with a high-caliber bolt-action rifle, SAS snipers are among the greatest infantry killers of the war, having an effective range far greater than that of standard infantry units, and even that of Yuri's specialized snipers, the Viruses. The sniper was also a master of stealth, being able to kill enemy infantry at long range without revealing his position.

Though no man could survive being in a sniper's sights for long, the round lacked the power to sufficiently damage vehicles or structures. Combined with the sniper rifle's slow rate of fire, the sniper was at a disadvantage in close-ranged firefights.

To increase survivability, snipers could be deployed inside an IFV, enhancing their speed and rate of fire.



  • Deadly against infantry.
  • Effective range far greater than that of standard infantry units, including Yuri's Viruses.
  • Does not reveal position when attacking.
  • Faster rate of fire and greater mobility when loaded into an IFV.
  • Relatively cheap ($600)


  • Useless against non-infantries.
  • Slow rate of fire unless promoted to Elite.
  • Slow moving.
  • Does not cause area-of-effect damage as the Virus does.
  • Without a firepower upgrade, requires multiple shots to kill Tesla Troopers, brutes, and commandos.
  • If killed by infantry, the unit that killed the sniper may be given an immediate promotion to veteran status (in some cases, immediately elite).
  • Not suitable against large groups of desolators, unless undetected.
  • Only available to Great Britain.
  • Requires a direct line of sight, which can be problematic in complex terrain.


Sniper ready
- When selected
Give me a target
- When selected
Gimme a job
- When selected
Eliminate 'em
- When selected
Proceeding to vantage point
- When moving
Just give me a clear view
- When moving
I love to camp
- When moving
Just get me close enough
- When moving
Settling in
- When moving
Taking him out
- When ordered to attack
He's in my scope
- When ordered to attack
He's a dead man
- When ordered to attack
Run for cover!
- Under fire
I need support!
- Under fire
I'm in too close!
- Under fire


  • Snipers crouch while on the move, for reducing profiles.
  • In the mod Mental Omega, snipers can be deployed to unleash longer firing range and more fire power.
  • OpenRA also has a sniper unit in its Red Alert mod, but it belongs to the Soviets.
  • The Sniper is similar to another Allied country-exclusive unit, the Tank Destroyer, since both units are only strong against their kind and weak against everything else.


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