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Patch 1.03 (2a) for Command & Conquer: Sole Survivor was released in January 1998.


  • On flag capture or goal scoring, name of flag-carrier is announced.
  • Flag-carrier gets significant points at end of journey. Only the person who plants the flag on their pedestal gets points.
  • A team gets more points now for flag capture.
  • Shift-s now shows a message about the screenshot.
  • There are now 10 default team macro’s.
  • When you die, or kill, the message is a bit more varied now.
  • Team wins are now announced in the corresponding color.
  • You can no longer flood messaging in skirmish (for those odd few who did).
  • Team games always announce team wins.
  • New menu button that takes you to the SS ladder. To use this, you need to be connected to the internet, and have a default browser.
  • New command, *ladder, to do the same thing, in-game. It does not exit the game you are playing.
  • New menu button that shows ssnews.txt with your default txt reader. This file will prepend new version news for each update.
  • New command, *news, to do the same thing, in-game. It does not exit the game you are playing.
  • If a game is not a ladder game, it will be announced when you join a channel. Most games are ladder games.
  • When you join an autoteaming game, the server welcomes you onto the team it has assigned you.
  • When you are chasing someone and they teleport, you will no longer keep chasing them.
  • You will no longer teleport into enemy bases!
  • About 60 small map fixes (stuck places). After this patch, please let me know if you ever get stuck on a map – and where.
  • Crate allocation and geography improved on the “island” map
  • The unpopular units have been enhanced… try them!
  • Infantry no longer leave trails.
  • Centering bugs fixed.
  • Teamcrates bug fixed (sometimes for some players, teamcrates didn’t work).
  • WChat changes:
    • If a game is AutoTeaming, Chat will show “AutoTeaming” in the “Choose Your Team” box
    • If a game is a ladder game (tournanment game), the channel will be colored yellow. Most games are ladder games.
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