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Patch 1.04 (2b) for Command & Conquer: Sole Survivor was released in February 1998.


  • Note: This is likely to be the last patch for SS, unless there are absolutely necessary changes. However the SS community is likely to evolve squad infrastructure (amongst other things). We will also change server settings periodically to provide new gameplay experiences.
  • Squad news! We have decided to provide some support for squads. Please read the SQUAD FAQ below if you are interested in squad activities.
  • There is a new button on the main menu that leads to Westwood’s Sole Survivor website. This has links to all related pages, including Squad resources, and (coming soon) Sole Survivor discussion boards. It also has links to the ladder pages.
  • The 5th and 6th buttons on the main menu are now customisable in conquer.ini. The new settings will appear at the bottom of your conquer.ini next time you quit SS. If you wish, you can edit the relevant information to change the URL’s and Button text. By default they will point to Westwood’s Sole Survivor page and to the team-ladder page respectively.
  • Team win criteria has changed. It is no longer determined by the player that scores the highest. It is now determined by your total team score. If players leave before the game is over, their points still count. You can therefore rank the performance of up to 4 teams in a game, based on their team scores. Team scores are shown in the player list. They are also displayed on the end-game dialog.
  • The OK button on the end-game dialog has changed to a “Take a Screenshot” button. This is useful if you want to snap end-game results.
  • The server now has the ability to control the exact ratios of different crate types (wooden, steel, orange, and green). Any combination is possible! Expect to see some interesting combinations! Pressing F2 will tell you what ratio is being used on any server. The default ratio per 1000 crates is:
    Steel = 50
    Green = 100
    Orange = 10
    Wooden = 840
  • Armageddon can be disabled altogether on the server. Expect to see some channels without any armageddon. Again, pressing F2 will show whether this is in effect.
  • The duration of the orange crate effect is another server option; it can be any duration over 1 second. Pressing F2 will show you what duration is used. The default is 30 seconds.
  • There is a new server parameter that determines whether or not you lose invulnerability when you pick up an orange crate. Default is true. Pressing F2 will show what setting is used.
  • Ion cannon now comes in THREE server settings. It can now be:
    • No ion cannon
    • ion cannon damages (most commonly used)
    • ion cannon always kills

Pressing F2 will show you what setting is used on any server.

  • The guard-player key (ctrl-alt-lclick) has been disabled. Some annoying people were using it to be… annoying.
  • Note that there IS a key to “bump” a teammate: alt-lclick. Best use of this is to bump a teammate off your own flagspot when you are trying to cap a flag and he/she is AFK, or too daft to move.
  • The FAQ below has been extended, including troubleshooting information.
  • A Squad FAQ has been added.
  • Any message you receive containing your full nick will now warn you with a “Yo!”, just like private messaging does. Case is not important. If you want to get the attention of someone, include their full nick in the message!
  • If TypingSound is set to 0 in your conquer.ini, you will not hear it.
  • There is a new command called *log, which toggles whether or not messages from other players are logged to a file called LOG.TXT. If you want to save your witty dialog, this is for you. By default this is OFF. *Pressing F3 shows the current status of this flag. Private messages are now marked with [] so that they can be distinguished in the log.
  • There is a new key action. Pressing B in a game of CTF will center the view on your base. This is useful whenever you don’t know where your base is.
  • Improved namelist sorting code.
  • Any type of connection failure now takes you to the main menu rather than quitting out of the game completely.
  • Fixed a bug where AI units that shouldn’t have range upgrades were getting them.
  • The following units have been “tweaked”:
    • Visceroid: up armour, up reload, up sightrange
    • Jeep: up sightrange
    • Bike: up sightrange
    • Grenadier: up sightrange, up reload
    • FlameThrower: up sightrange, up reload
    • ChemWarrier: up sightrange, up reload
    • Artillery: up reload, up range
    • Rocket launcher: up range
    • TRex: up reload
    • Velociraptor: up reload
    • AGT: up reload

In addition to this, rate-of-fire has been increased by 15% across the board.

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