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Cover your ears!
- Sonic Tank

The sonic tank is the signature advanced vehicle of House Atreides in Emperor: Battle for Dune.


The sonic tank carries a devastating long-range sonic weapon that damages all targets in its area of effect, especially infantry and lightly armoured vehicles. The tank is moderately fast and has medium armor. However, the gun is fixed in place and cannot be fired on the move. It also causes friendly fire if allied units are caught between the sonic tank and its actual target.


When selected[]

  • Sonics online.
  • Waveshifters ready.
  • Sonic tank reporting!
  • We're ready for action!

When ordered to move[]

  • Yes commander.
  • Good to go sir.
  • Rolling thunder.

When ordered to attack[]

  • Cover your ears!
  • For the Duke!
  • On my signal.
  • Full power!

See also[]

  • Deviator, Ordos counterpart
  • Devastator, Harkonnen counterpart
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