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This Soviet commander is a player character in Red Alert Mobile. He replaces the old commander during the Post-War Crisis. After Cherdenko's alteration of the timeline, he was replaced by a new commander in Red Alert 3.

Red Wings[]

His first mission, Red Wings was to capture an Airfield that will bring some air power to the Soviets. Natasha, a Soviet sniper freed this airfield and then, capturing it with an Engineer to store aircraft on it. He moved out some tanks and aircraft to destroy an Allied airbase and a small presence of infantry and tanks. The mission was a usual success for the Soviet Union and himself.


The second mission, Avalanche has seen his infantry and vehicles trained out of a Barracks and War Factory. The Allies had a huge blockade of defenses like Einstein's Prism Tower (Red Alert iPhone) laser cannons from 1972 and the Psychic Dominator Crisis. He pulled in his forces straight at it and destroying the Prism Towers before his infantry can be zapped by it and then, eradicate the whole enemy base to pieces.

Gapping the Bridge[]

Gapping the Bridge was the next mission for the Soviet Commander. The Allied forces knew that capturing some plans of a Time Machine, would be useful. He was recruited by Natasha to destroy the bridge. After half of an Allied division was repelled, an Engineer was ordered to occupy the bridge's tower. He got in and then, the bridge went down to the bottom of a valley. Soviet forces had won again and the Commander was happy.

Ten Thirty Three[]

Ten Thirty Three was set for his fourth mission, as he must move a transport under heavy guard from Allied waves. Every wave of the enemy was repelled by the Soviet Commander's actions and he moved the transport in the cover of Soviet forces to a safe destination.

Streams of Time[]

The final mission, Streams of Time was that a Weather Control Device had been spotted at an Allied compound. Bronislav ordered his Commander to defend the Time Machine in just ten minutes and once every Allied force was destroyed, the Commander had a well-hearted division of Nuke Missiles and eradicated the whole base, including the Weather Control Device.

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