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The Americans believe they can hold Seattle.

Crush their defensive positions and let us move on to more glorious battles.

Commander 1 will take command of our naval forces, while Commander 2 prepares for a crushing armored assault.
- Mission briefing

This is the first cooperative mission of the Soviet campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge.

Force composition

The Soviets had access to their full Arsenal. So did the Allies. The Allies were ready for the battle,setting up Grand cannons,stationary defenses,and were preparing for a Counter-attack. However,the Soviet troops had just arrived in the city. They only had a few Rhino tanks and a squad of Conscripts. However, Commander 1 Had a naval shipyard at his disposal.

The battle

The Commanders hastily built up defenses,garrisoning buildings and constructing battle Bunkers. The second commander also destroyed the bridge near his base. Which would slow down the Allied offensive, as Commander 1 prepared for his swift naval assault. Commander 2 terrorised the city by destroying Allied defenses,buildings,and even the grand monument of Seattle. The Space Needle. Afterwards,the Allies sent in waves of Paratroopers and tanks. And then,the Urban Combat began. What remained of the buildings was garrisoned by Allied forces. And Soviet waves of Conscripts garrisoned other structures that were yet not destroyed. Afterwards,Commander 1 destroyed the Allied shipyard. Claiming Soviet domination in the seas. Then,the hero of the Motherland. Boris,arrived on the Battlefield. And along with Battalions of Soviet armor and Kirovs,they started to push. The city itself was in flames and ruins. As Soviet troops slaughtered Allied survivors,the allies prepared for one last desperate defense of the city. However,the brave Allied defense has not managed to hold the line. And their bases were quickly destroyed. Thus,the battle had been won!


After the victory in Seattle. Instead of pushing deeper into US territory,Soviet High command decided the commanders should destroy Yuri's stronghold in Egypt.

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