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The traitor Yuri is rebuilding his forces in the Egyptian desert.

Commander 1 will take charge of our old base along the Nile.

Commander 2 must protect our oil fields just south of Yuri's front lines.
- Mission briefing

This is the second cooperative mission of the Soviet campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge.

Force composition

The Commanders,once again. Have started with A few Rhino tanks and a Squad of conscripts. However, Commander 1 Had control of a now nearly destroyed Soviet base,his job was to restore it and use it in his Offensive against Yuri,whilst commander 2 had a few Oil derricks at his disposal.

The battle

Commander 1 quickly restored his base. Whilst Commander 2 built up defenses to secure his Oil fields. Yuri's forces tried to quickly destroy the bases. But what they found were heavily defended Forts. Commander 2 was on the Defensive. Covering the flank from Yuri's forces. Whilst commander 1 sent Terror drones and Attack Dogs to scout the Area. They then found a Oil field,however,Adepts were close. So the commander sent in siege choppers to cover the Oil derrick, whilst he took over the Derrick. And then built up defenses. Commander 2 was also on the scouting,and had found out a Small Yuri garrison near a Pyramid. Which commander 1 responded with a Demolition truck. The similiar method was used with the other Yuri garrisons in the Area.

And so,Soviet troops began pushing. Demolition trucks and Siege choppers were used in destroying Yuri's mining operation. The commanders found out that using Ground troops isn't a very smart idea,considering the fact that Yuri's Psychic Towers and adepts being everywhere are a huge problem. So,Kirovs and Siege choppers were mostly used. And,both of the Commanders sent their Kirov airships and siege choppers to destroy the Yuri base near the Great Pyramid. And in a act of Soviet Dominance,the Soviets destroyed the Great pyramid. Soon,Yuri's base in the city nearby had the same fate. And victory followed.


With Yuri's stronghold in  Egypt destroyed,both the Allies and Yuri are racing to Einstein's lab. Trying to do something about the feared Soviet Commanders,however. That will not save them.

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