It appears the Black Forest of Germany Will be the Final resting place of both our Enemies. Both seek out Einstein's laboratory in vain hope it will give hope of survival.

Intelligence has pin pointed the location of Einstein's lab. Secure your positions and then seek out and destroy the enemies of the Soviet state once and for all.
- Mission briefing

Force Composition

The Soviets, whilst. Like always, having A few Rhino Tanks and a squad of Conscripts. Had the moral advantage. The Commanders have won several battles prior to this. Meaning that they would be determined to win this war. Alongside the usual forces that come with a MCV. Commander 1 had access to 2 Siege Choppers. And Commander 2 to 2 Nuclear reactors.

The Battle

This was it, the final battle. Commander 1 quickly made Conscripts and garrisoned them in the buildings near the town Einstein's lab was located in. Then, took over the Tech Hospital. Then,after some scouting. Found Einstein's Laboratory. Though it was fiercly defended. The Siege choppers found 2 Power plants behind the Lab, then quickly destroyed them. Then, without any access to power. The defenses of Einstein's lab were destroyed. The commander sent in a Squad of conscripts and a Engineer to capture the Lab and the Tech Secret Lab nearby. The Soviets then quickly started a Harvesting operation there. Then the Soviets made a few Rhino tanks and a Apocalypse tank to scout the area near the Allied base. But what they ecountered was a attack force ready to attack the Soviet bases. The same was with Yuri's base. However,the attacks were defended. Then,as Commander 2 held the line against Yuri. Commander 1 went on the offensive,constructing V3's and Tesla troopers, coupled with more tank reinforcements. And started the siege of the Allied base. Even Boris arrived,and helped with destroying the Allied base. Then,the Soviets regrouped with even more forces. And the 2 commanders slowly began pushing to Yuri's base. Commander 2's forces quickly broke formation. And rushed to Yuri's base. Setting up defensive positions with Siege choppers and putting their Tanks on hold. Then,the initial attack began. It was time, Soviet forces,with the help of Boris, Kirovs, and several pieces of heavy artillery Quickly destroyed Yuri's base. And the war,was over.


Though the war was in Soviet victory. Yuri was ready to rise again. He regrouped his forces. And attacked Washington DC.

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