Soviet Missile Base







Base of operations
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Soviet Union
World Socialist Alliance

Appears in

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2


Dark Night

During 1972's GWWIII, the Soviets constructed a large missile base in Poland. The missiles were to be destroyed, because of the Chicago incident by Vladimir. Romanov was so angry with his best General on that incident and caused both Germany and France to bring aid for a military operation to the US.


The European Council spoke to the Allied Commander (GWWIII) on the bet of aiding the USA's equipped armed forces. Dugan said this would be great IF two Missile silos are to be destroyed. Tanya was to be sent on the mission, but the Commander needs to go on this too with her. The British Prime Minister said that the missiles are located deep between Poland and the USSR. If the two missiles hit Berlin and Paris, she said that the Europeans would not join in for help.


 This large site was actually made up of three bases, two of which actually contained silos. The base was in the use of the fifth Allied mission, Dark Night. It has two Missile (Red Alert) silos in the northeast and the northwest, while a southern base is located near the silos.


To the south-west of the map, two Sentry Gun arms are held there with "Red-Shirt" guards consisting six Conscripts and three Tesla Troopers.

Southern base

This base contained the Battle Lab with the locations of the other two bases. It had four Tesla Coils at the front and back doors of the base with one inside it near the laboratory, two Soviet Ore Refinery facilities without War Miners, Two Barracks for trained infantry, three Tesla Reactor plants for Tesla power and several V3 Rockets ammo stockpiles. The base consists a War Factory for vehicles.

Northeastern base

It contained one of the Superweapon (Red Alert) buildings and was heavily defended with those Tesla Coils. Two War Factories, Barracks and Tesla Reactors each are held here. Guarded by the Soviet "Brown-Shirt" troops consisting a lot of Conscript men, Tesla Trooper zappers and Attack Dog pets.

Northwestern base

Another Nuclear Missile Silo was located here and with some strong defenses of Tesla Coil blotters, barrels can be shot up by an Allied commando unit and use Tanya to blow up the silo. A few Tesla Reactors, War Factories and Barracks were held here. Guarded by Soviet "Orange-Shirt" troops consisting of Conscripts, Tesla Troopers and Attack Dogs.

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