Soviet Soldier Volkov & Chitzkoi

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Soviet Soldier Volkov & Chitzkoi
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Previous Legacy of Tesla
Concurrent Evacuation
Next Top O' The World
Part of Second World War
Location Austria
Destroy Allied tech center and alloy facility
Secure alloy facility
RAR Allies Logo.png Unknown
CS Gameicon.png The following is based on the missions of Counterstrike and might contradict canon.

The Allies have stolen a new armor plating from us. With it, they can make structures nearly invulnerable. Their processing plant must be destroyed.

For this critical a mission, we are allowing you access to Soldier Volkov. Use him and his cybernetic dog to sabotage the Allied control center, allowing our units in the southeast access to the alloy facility.

The mission is a success when Volkov destroys the control center, and our units destroy the alloy facility.
- Mission briefing

Soviet Soldier Volkov and Chitzkoi is the fifth Soviet mission in the Counterstrike expansion. It introduces the cybernetic supersoldier Volkov and his dog, whom later appeared in the The Aftermath, the second expansion pack.[1]



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