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For the other, see Barracks.
RA2 Soviet Barracks Icons.png
Internal name NAHAND
Affiliation RA2Sovietlogo.png Soviet Union
Role Infantry training
Tier 1
Tech level 2
Hit points 500
Armor type Steel
Cost $500
Build time 0:20
Produced by Soviet construction yard
Requires Tesla reactor
Sight range 6
Power -10
Produces (See production section)

Construction yard

The barracks were the Soviet infantry training structure during the first and second iterations of the Third World War. They were a relatively narrow structure, with a large statue of a conscript standing attention atop it. They are designed to inspire pride and awe of the Union in the infantry recruited from it, and to be small and confined enough to serve its purpose without taking up excessive amounts of space.

Game building

The Soviet barracks produces:

Icon Unit Requirements Ability
RA2 Conscript Icons.png Conscript none none
RA2 Engineer Icons.png Engineer none Repairing / capturing buildings
Deactivating Crazy Ivan's bombs
RA2 Soviet Attack Dog Icons.png Attack dog none Spy detection
Mind control immunity
RA2 Tesla Trooper Icons.png Tesla trooper none Charging up Tesla coils
RA2 Flak Trooper Icons.png Flak trooper Radar tower Engaging ground and air targets
RA2 Terrorist Icons.png Terrorist
(Cuba only)
Radar tower Suicide attack
RA2 Crazy Ivan Icons.png Crazy Ivan Radar tower Uncrushable
Planting explosives on units and buildings
RA2 Desolator Icons.png Desolator
(Iraq only)
Radar tower Instantly killing infantry
Field irradiation when deployed
Immune to radiation
YR Cosmonaut Icons.png Cosmonaut
(Yuri's Revenge campaign only)
none Flying
Engaging ground and air targets
RA2 Psi-Corps Trooper Icons.png
RA2 Yuri Icons.png
Psi-Corps trooper / Yuri
(Red Alert 2 only)
Soviet battle lab Mind control
Mind control immunity
Psychic blast
Spy detection
YR Boris Icon.png Boris
(Yuri's Revenge multiplayer only)
Soviet battle lab Instantly killing infantry
Mind control immunity
Calling MiG airstrikes
RA2 Chrono Ivan Icons.png Chrono Ivan
(stolen tech)
Soviet-controlled spy infiltrates Allied battle lab (in YR, the Soviet battle lab can also be infiltrated for this purpose) Teleportation
Planting explosives on units and buildings
CNCRA2 Yuri Prime Cameo.png Yuri Prime
(stolen tech, RA2 only)
Soviet-controlled spy infiltrates Soviet battle lab Mind control
Mind control immunity
Psychic blast
Spy detection
RA2 Psi Commando Icons.png Psi commando
(stolen tech, YR only)
Soviet-controlled spy infiltrates Yuri battle lab Mind control
Mind control immunity
Planting C4 explosives on buildings



Alpha icon:

RA2 Alpha Soviet Barracks CAmeo.png

In order: English, French, German, Korean, Chinese.

RA2 Soviet Barracks Icons.png CNCRA2 Soviet Barracks French Cameo.png CNCRA2 Soviet Barracks German Cameo.png CNCRA2 Soviet Barracks Korean Cameo.png CNCRA2 Soviet Barracks Chinese Cameo.png

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