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The Soviet Construction yard was the heart of every Soviet forward base during the Third World War and The Uprising.


The Soviet construction yard was often called "Little Basil" by Soviet troops due to architectural similarities to St. Basil's Cathedral. Unlike its Allied counterpart, the Soviet construction yard was unable to build an entire structure and then deploy it as a whole. Instead, an external civilian construction team required it to build structures from the foundation up at a predetermined location. This made the structure being built vulnerable to attack during the construction process.[1]

In-game structure[]

Like the other construction yards, the Soviet construction yard is responsible for base construction, providing radar, and granting access to Top Secret Protocols. It is heavily armored, yet completely unarmed, and it is also the prime target for enemies due to its significance, so it must be protected at all cost. However, it is not completely defenseless, it can pack up into an MCV in order to prevent capture by an enemy engineer or, in an emergency, crush enemy units.

The Soviet construction yard can also build Crusher cranes, which can produce buildings just like the construction yard. This makes the loss of a construction yard less of a critical blow for Soviet commanders.


RA3 Soviet Packup Icons
Pack Up Converts to a Mobile Construction Vehicle, which may then redeploy to new locations.

The Soviet construction yard can build the following structures:

Building queue[]

Icon Building Requirements Cost Build time Power
RA3 Reactor Icons Reactor none 800 0:10 100
RA3 Barracks Icons Barracks none 500 0:10 -25
RA3 Soviet Ore Refinery Icons Ore refinery Reactor 2000 0:20 -50
RA3 War Factory Icons War factory Ore refinery 2000 0:20 -50
RA3 Naval Yard Icons Naval yard Ore refinery 1000 0:20 -50
RA3 Airfield Icons Airfield Super reactor 1000 0:30 -50
RA3 Battle Lab Icons Battle lab Super reactor 3000 1:00 -75
RA3 Super Reactor Icons Super reactor Ore refinery 2000 0:30 350
RA3 Crusher Crane Icons Crusher crane none 1500 0:20 -50

Defense queue[]

Icon Building Requirements Cost Build time Power
RA3 Soviet Fortress Wall Icons Fortress wall none 10 0:05 0
RA3 Sentry Gun Icons Sentry gun Power plant 800 0:20 -25
RA3 Tesla Coil Icons Tesla Coil Super reactor 1500 0:30 -75
RA3 Iron Curtain Icons Iron Curtain Battle lab 1500 (RA3) 0:30 -75
RA3 Vacuum Imploder Icons Vacuum Imploder Battle lab 2500 (RA3) 0:30 -75


  • Red Alert 3 patch 1.08: fixed an exploit that granted credits and an engineer without destroying the construction yard when sold.
  • Red Alert 3 patch 1.11: fixed a bug that allowed Soviet players to cast cash bounty on their own construction yard and then get a refund by selling it.


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