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The Soviet Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) was the primary base construction vehicle used by the Soviet Union during the Third World War and The Uprising.


The Soviet MCV was a massive vehicle with six sets of treads and a pair of deployable ballast pontoons, which allowed it to traverse any terrain both on land and at sea. It was capable of deploying into a construction yard that could construct various structures with the help of an external civilian construction team, who would build the structures from the foundation up at a predetermined location. Because of this, the structures were vulnerable during the construction process.

Despite being obviously modeled after the Allied MCV, the Soviet MCV was introduced as a civilian vehicle designed purely for internal reconstruction efforts, and made its debut when it constructed shelters for civilians who were displaced after a devastating earthquake near Smedznegorsk, Ukraine. The fact that these vehicles were crewed entirely by civilians and apparently lacked any sort of automated construction capability also gave the impression that the Soviet MCVs were of no military utility.

However, this changed during one of the opening conflicts of the war. During the uprising in Samarkand, a Soviet MCV, which had been rebuilding a nearby province, quickly packed up all modules and civilian workers and veered outside of the reconstruction zone. In a devastating surprise offensive, Soviet forces appeared several days later from an entrenched firebase a short ways to the north, successfully aiding the civilian uprising and pushing the Allied presence out of Samarkand. Their secret revealed, the fleet of Soviet MCVs sprung into action. Almost overnight, a constellation of military bases sprung up around the world - each centered around and created by an MCV - spawning the first wave of Soviet forces to threaten to overwhelm the Allies.

The Soviet MCV has since become an iconic figure of the people's uprising. When not engaged in combat operations, the vehicles and crews continue to serve communities destroyed by the ongoing conflict. With each village rebuilt, the Soviet army is bolstered by the impassioned and the disenfranchised, often leaving each area with another full complement of trained workers. The MCV crews remain civilian and have little difficulty shifting back and forth between their roles, working alongside military personnel to build a new base one day, and the next day rebuilding a civilian school.


RA3 Soviet Unpack Icons.png
Unpack Transforms to a Construction Yard, which can create other military structures.




  • Construction vehicle ready!
  • I present to you the MCV!


  • Let us take it to the road!
  • Listen up everybody!
  • This is my show!
  • Quiet down!
  • With great pride!


  • Keep it moving!
  • We're almost there!
  • Our next stop!
  • Make way!
  • Gently!
  • We're coming through!

Moving to land

  • This land shall suffice!
  • To the water front!
  • Solid ground!

Moving to water

  • Seal up the ports!
  • Let us take to it the seas!
  • The waters will be our stage!


  • We're on!
  • Prepare the grounds!
  • It will be grand!
  • Okay, show time!
  • The stage is set!


  • Save everything!
  • The show must go on!
  • Our work here is done!
  • A more friendly audience!
  • Bring everything in!

Under fire

  • We're been sacked!
  • Somebody, help us!
  • They ruining everything!
  • What's happening?



Surveillance footage
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