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RA2 Soviet War Factory Icons

The Soviet war factory was the Soviet vehicle production facility during the first and second iterations of the Third World War.


The Soviet war factory is a roughly rectangular structure, containing fabricating machinery capable of constructing, but not repairing, Soviet vehicular units. It has a large double door on the front, through which vehicles as large as an Apocalypse tank can fit, and a large sliding bay door in place of the roof, such that air units could be produced from the war factory.

It was redesigned by the third iteration of the war, but was no longer able to produce aircraft.


The more factories are built the faster tanks can be made. The Soviet war factory can produce the following:

Icon Unit Requirements Ability
RA2 War Miner Icons War miner Soviet ore refinery Resource gathering
Mind control and radiation immunity
RA2 Rhino Tank Icons Rhino heavy tank none none
RA2 Flak Track Icons Flak track none Transport (up to 5 infantry)
Engaging ground and air targets
RA2 Terror Drone Icons Terror drone none Instantly killing infantry
Mind control and radiation immunity
RA2 V3 Launcher Icons V3 rocket launcher Radar tower none
RA2 Tesla Tank Icons Tesla tank
(Russia only)
Radar tower Firing over obstacles
RA2 Demolition Truck Icons Demolition truck
(Libya only)
Radar tower Suicide attack
RA2 Soviet MCV Icons Mobile construction vehicle Soviet service depot Deployment into a Soviet construction yard
YR Siege Chopper Icons Siege chopper
(Yuri's Revenge only)
Soviet battle lab Deployment to a ground artillery unit
RA2 Apocalypse Tank Icons Apocalypse tank Soviet battle lab Engaging ground and air targets
RA2 Kirov Airship Icons Kirov Airship Soviet battle lab Self-repairing


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