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GDI Engineer 2047
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A GDI air unit which repairs both air and ground units. Its light armour is vulnerable to gun weaponry[1]

An achievement can be earned if the player uses its weapons dampeners on several units.


When Created

  • Can't be dawdling around here.
  • The boys getting in trouble again?
  • Something need fixing?

When Selected

  • I'm listening.
  • Where's the trouble.
  • Mobile Repairs.
  • Where's all the commotion?
  • Spanner here, What's next?
  • Just let me know.

When Selected while in Combat

  • Just doing what I can.
  • Looking good so far.
  • Almost done with this one.
  • Keep it together people!
  • Just one at a time.
  • Going as fast as I can!

When Ordered to Repair

  • Stay still now!
  • Lemme take care of that!
  • Won't take long.
  • Awww Jeez!
  • Another one already?!
  • Should have told me sooner!

When Ordered to Repair on the Move

  • Let's get to work!
  • Wait up for me.
  • Everybody out of the way!
  • I'm coming over!
  • Just stay right there!
  • Coming!

When Ordered to Move

  • Will that be all?
  • Understood Sir.
  • Confirmed.
  • No trouble at all.
  • That's a cinch!
  • Why didn't you say so.
  • I'm reading ya.
  • Your call.
  • It's clear, right?
  • Fine by me.

When Ordered to Retreat

  • Sounds God to me!
  • Could use some repairs myself.
  • Copy that! Pullng out.

When Ordered to use Dampeners

  • They need to simmer down!
  • Let's take them down a notch!
  • This will change things up!
  • I'll neutralize the ares.

When Under Attack

  • Oh they're attacking me now!
  • Ain't there somebody protecting me?!
  • Get them off of me!
  • Under a lot of stress over here!
  • Spanner's not made of armor ya know!
  • Why that's rude of them!


  • It is the GDI equivalent of the Scalpel.



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