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The Spartan tank was the main battle tank used by the GDI Defense Class during the Ascension Conflict.


Essentially a gun on treads, the Spartan’s armor makes it a perfect meat shield while providing ranged support. Once “destroyed,” it becomes a full-health, repairable turret, similar to the guardian cannon from the last war.


Essentially a turret on tracks, the Spartan Tank is armed with a high-powered cannon and is rather slow moving. It has less health than contemporary crewed battle tanks, such as the Hunter, the Sheppard, or the Nod Avenger, but possesses equivocal firepower - allowing it to still trade blows effectively.

Moreover, once it reaches 0 health - it transforms into a stationary turret with 200 hp, equipped with Heavy armor: trading its mobility for vastly increased survivability. Its cannon is good against Medium-type armour, found on similarly armored vehicles such as tanks, but is less effective against heavier armour and light units.

In its mobile form, the Spartan Tank has Medium-type armour that is, itself—weak against tank cannons. However, in its turret form, its armor type is switched to Heavy armour - which is weak only against lasers and other energy weapons.

The "GDI Classical Warfare" achievement can be earned for destroying a Centurion with a Spartan tank.



  • Spartan at the ready!


  • Tank and turret!
  • Spartan!
  • Spartan battalion, sir!
  • Tank division!
  • You can count on us!
  • Whatever you need!
  • Ready for war!


  • Good as done!
  • Copy that!
  • Rendezvous at the new A.O.!
  • Rolling out!
  • You got it!
  • No problem!
  • Let's hit the road!
  • Keep going!
  • We'll dial it in!
  • Ten-four, chief!


  • Fire!
  • Got it covered!
  • Hit 'em!
  • Boom! Haha!
  • Do 'em!
  • Bust 'em up!
  • Smack 'em around a bit!
  • Take 'em down!

Move to Attack

  • Let a Spartan handle it!
  • We'll report back when they're gone!
  • Won't let 'em out of our sight!
  • Consider 'em gone!
  • Want 'em out of the way?
  • Crunch time!
  • Been waiting for this one!

In Combat

  • Engaged!
  • Reload!
  • Give 'em another!
  • Giving 'em hell, sir!
  • Keeping busy!
  • Walk in the park!

Taking Fire

  • Enemy fire!
  • We're not backing down!
  • They can't hurt a Spartan!
  • That all you got?
  • We're not going anywhere!
  • We ain't scared!


  • Back it up, gentlemen!
  • You heard the call, move!
  • Falling back!


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