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Speaker Tower is a Chinese building in Generals and Zero Hour.

Game Structure[]

The Speaker Tower is fragile and does nothing on its own, instead reliant on its bonuses to support all nearby air and ground units. Friendly units within its AOE will slowly heal themselves by 2% of their max health per second and fire 25% faster. Speaker Towers attached to Overlords/Emperors/Helixes/Attack Outposts/Assault Troop Transports are all identical to its structural equivalent but require no power. Speaker Tower bonuses do not stack, and are lost if their parent unit/structure have been disabled or destroyed.


CNCG Subliminal Messaging Cameo Subliminal Messaging Speaker Towers provide 4% healing per second and a 50% fire rate boost. Available from the Propaganda Center for a cost of $500

Notable usage[]

In their various campaigns the Chinese military would often install Speaker Towers in civilian areas in order to influence the population and counteract any attempts by the GLA to spread messages of their own. One such Speaker Tower, installed in a small village in Kazakhstan that was close to a known GLA hideout, had the rather unfortunate (and ironic) effect of inspiring nearby GLA forces to launch a ferocious attack on a Chinese base and a hydroelectric dam (that happened to be upstream of further Chinese outposts).


  • When selected, the Speaker Tower plays a speech by Mao Zedong when he announced the establishment of the People's Republic of China.
  • The translation is: "Fellow comrades! The People's Central Government of the People's Republic of China is established today!"
  • A non-functional Speaker Tower is included in the Propaganda Center.


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