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1000 Suns to Angstrom Defense
Annabella Wu to Beam cannon (Tiberium Alliances)
Beam katana to Cash Bounty
Cash Bounty (Red Alert 3) to Command & Conquer DOS patch 1.22
Command & Conquer Gold Bundle to Destroy Hassan's Temple
Destroy Mammoth Mk. II Prototype to Ezekiel's Cape
Ezekiel's Wheel to GDI assault on Estonia
GDI assault on Latvia to Guardian cannon (Tiberium Wars)
Guardian drone to International Orthographic's Guide to Our World Today
Internet Center to Leopard tank (Generals)
Lesotho to MiG (Yuri's Revenge)
MiG / Scaled Composites to No Wimps
Nod to Overlord (Scrin)
Overlord Tank to RIG
RPG Trooper to Rocket Buggy
Rocket Defense to Sickle
Sickle/Profile to Super Tank
Super bomber to The Moon Shall Never Have Them
The Moon shall never have them to Trinity site
Tripoli to Wolcott
Wolf to Zone troopers (Tiberium Alliances)
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