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Unit special abilities from Generals, Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath, Red Alert 3, Uprising, and Tiberian Twilight are listed here.

Berzerker engines

When activated, the Hammerhead fires quickly but inaccurately, with decreased movement speed and dodge for a short time.

Booby traps

Main article: Booby traps

Capture building

Main article: Capture building

Commandeer technology

Avatar fully upgraded

I want that.
- Avatar using the ability, Tiberium Wars
CNCTW Commandeer technology.png
TW Commandeer Technology Icons.jpg

Commandeer Technology is used for the Avatar in the Third Tiberium War. By using this ability, the Avatar destroys a Nod vehicle and upgrades itself with the vehicle's weapon. It can gain a laser from the Beam Cannon, a stealth detector the Attack Bike, a stealth generator from the Stealth Tank and a flamethrower from a Flame Tank.

Defensive maneuvers

Main article: Defensive maneuvers

Depth Charge Emergency Ejection System

The Depth Charge Emergency Ejection System is a GDI system developed to deal with a critical weakness in the GDI;Mastodon. The Mastodon's main weapon, though deadly, had a rather limited forward firing arc, meaning it is unable to retaliate against swift foes who closed in on its flanks or rear. This was partially offset by deploying Mastodons in groups where they can provide overlapping fire for each other.

As a safeguard, GDI developed the Depth Charge Emergency Ejection System. The system was meant to be utilised in the event that the Mastodon was isolated and surrounded. When activated, it ejected explosive shells from the Mastodon's flanks which dealt massive damage to any nearby enemies but not the Mastodon itself thanks to the heavy armor of the Mastodon's legs. This proved effective at discouraging such tactics and increasing the Mastodon's survivability.[1]

Dig In

- Riflemen squad issuing the dig in command, Tiberium Wars
CNCTW Foxhole Build Cameo.png

The dig in command is a command issued to rifleman squads in Command and Conquer 3 and Kane's Wrath, it comes at an expense of $100. Due to the lack of manpower or equipment of the other squads, only rifle squads are able to use this ability. When activated, the riflemen keep their weapons and take out shovels to build a foxhole. The foxholes that they dig can be garrisoned by two squads of units, increase survivability against most weapons but are useless against hallucinogenic grenades or anti-garrisoning weapons. They are also large enough to garrison Scrin units, and this ability can be used to enhance defensive units if a Mastermind or Prodigy can mind-control them.

Disruption pods

Main article: Disruption pods


Dodge is the ability of units to avoid being hit by enemy fire. This can be augmented by support powers or special abilities.

Electromagnetic pulse weaponry

EMP coils

Main article: EMP coils

EMP grenades

Main article: EMP grenades

Flash-bang grenades

Main article: Flash-bang grenades


Main article: Foxhole

Glider pack

Glide on!
- Shadow using its glider packs
CNCTW Activate Glider Cameo.png
CNCTW Land Cameo.png

Glider packs are used by Nod Shadow Teams, containing collapsible, powered hang-gliders. This allows Shadows to take flight in a silent and stealthy manner. Although stealthed, gliding Shadows are vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire and are unable to fire back. Glider packs seem to use some sort of silent, emission-less engine for propulsion, which makes sense since a real life glider requires both a good launch position as well as appropiate wind currents for its functioning (besides the fact that real life gliders mainly descend rather than ascend, which is different from the Shadows' continuous flight pattern).

Gravity field

Primary weapon roots target and significantly reduces its chance to dodge. Also slows all units in a radius of the target.

Holy Water

The Holy Water is a weapon used by the Nod Black Hand infantry during the Ascension Conflict. It creates a volatile vapor cloud when used, which can then be ignited by a Black Hand's flamethrower. This weapon comes with the Dark Armaments upgrade.

Magnetic Mine

Hold this for me!
- Flak Trooper
RA3 Magnetic Mine Icons.png

Magnetic Mines are the Flak Trooper's secondary weapon. It is a powerful anti-vehicle weapon that can be attached magnetically onto enemy vehicles and structures. If a Flak trooper is crushed by an enemy vehicle while carrying these mines, the mines would explode violently, damaging or destroying the vehicle. It cannot be used against infantry.


  • Strangely, despite being called "Mines", they are manually placed instead of planted into the ground, similar to the real world Hafthohlladung.
  • If a Flak trooper is crushed with his flak cannon equipped, the Magnetic Mines he carries will not explode.

Mirror plating

CNC4 Mirror Plating Cameo.png

Special Ability is an upgrade for the Refractor and the Mammoth Tank. It provides these two units with a chance to reflect incoming fire from all sides. Also gives the Refractor the ability to split incoming fire into multiple outgoing beams. Very handy for countering Basilisk spam.

Missile storm

Main article: Missile storm

Napalm bomb

The Napalm Bomb is ready. He he he.
- Helix, already thinking of the destruction caused by the Napalm Bomb

ZH Napalm Bomb Icons.png

Napalm bomb is an upgrade only available to the Chinese Helix and Assault Helix, enabling them to drop a Napalm Bomb on an target, instantly causing the devastating Fire Storm. The Napalm Bomb is even more destructive when the Black Napalm Upgrade is completed.

Nuke bomb upgrade

Main article: Nuke bomb upgrade

Pulse scan

CNCTW Pulse Scan Cameo.png

Pulse Scan is an ability used by the A-15 Orca and its ZOCOM variant during the Third Tiberium War. By activating its state-of-the-art G-Tech sensors, the Orca is capable of scanning the battlefield for hidden enemies. However, the sensors needs to be recharged after each use. This ability is especially effective against Nod forces, who make extensive use of stealth technology.

Radar van scan

Radar Van Scan is an upgrade available for all of the GLA generals. This can be researched at the Black Market.

It enables the Radar Van to scan a small area anywhere on the map, every 30 seconds. The scanned area is visible for around 10 seconds and also reveals stealth units.

Multiple Radar Vans means multiple Scans. Radar Vans in Tunnel Network cannot online the radar and cannot use this ability.

See Also

Rage generator

Main article: Rage generator

Rocket pods (Generals 1)

Scramblegun weapon jammer

Sensor pod upgrade

Main article: Sensor pod upgrade

Signature generator

Main article: Signature generator

Spyglass target designator

Stasis projector

The Stasis Projector is an upgrade for the Basilisk. It allows the Basilisk to place a field that essentially pauses all units inside it-they cannot move or attack but are rendered invulnerable until the field dissipates (about 10 seconds). The projector has a cooldown of approximately 20 seconds.

Strategically, the field has three uses. first, the field can be used to stop pursuit from "heavy killer" units, such as Titans, Refractors, etc. Second, the field can be used to protect a friendly force while the Basilisk(s) eliminate opposition from long range. Third, the field is useful for stopping a group of enemies long enough to set up a strike from a support power or superweapon.

Stratofighter booster

Let's take her up!
- Firehawk pilot, activating the boosters
CNCTW Stratofighter Boosters Cameo.png

Stratofighter boosters are special high power engines that allow the Firehawk to fly up to the high atmosphere, descend behind enemy lines and unload their bombs on the target, without taking the risk of being shot down by Nod SAM site or Scrin Plasma Missile Battery.

Taunt laser


The Taunt Laser is a special type of harmless laser used by the Mammoth MK.IV in the Fourth Tiberium War.

The Taunt Laser basically forces the unit it is pointing at to attack the Mammoth Tank that is firing the laser. However, this should sometimes not be used, as it taunts any kind of weapon, and once the Mammoth Tank aims it at a Widow, then it is in an unfortunate situation

The taunt aspect is to show how resitant the Mammoth is to weapons which is somewhat stupid as the Mammoth has heavy-type armor and is weak to lasers. This can enrage, enshame, or even amuse enemy commanders depending on which enemy is pointing at the Mammoth and the taunt laser is triggered. This is one of the most questionable stratagies in the entire Command & Conquer universe.


Alien units are teleporting across the chasm!
- Eva response to a masterminds abilities, Tiberium Wars
CNCTW Teleport Units Cameo.png

Teleport is an ability Scrin Masterminds use to warp things from one place to another. The Prodigy can also teleport itself. If the Mastermind or the Prodigy get into an Eradicator Hexapod, it grants the Eradicator's ability to teleport from place to place. But although this power looks great, it's range is limited, it can only teleport locations where a battle is going on and this ability can only select few units.


CNCG TNT Attack Cameo.pngTNT is the tank hunters secondary weapon. They put this explosive onto enemy structures or vehicles. They must be careful, due to being defenseless until planting their charge(s). These charges differ from Colonel Burton's and Juhziz's Jarmen Kell's timed charges is that the Tank Hunter's charges are weaker, and explode within 10 seconds of planting (Burton and Kell's charges take 20), and Hunters aren't stealthed, meaning that, if there is at least one anti-infantry unit near the Hunter's target, he will be excellent target practice for them. An advantage, however is that you can send multiple men to plant charges, and the planting of the charges are instantaneous; as soon as the Hunter is close enough, there is no delay, so he can run as fast as he can to get out of range of the explosion. It's a good idea to put TNT on tanks trying to ram a tank hunter.


Main article: Transformation

Advanced thrusters

Enhances this MCV's propulsion system to allow for greater movement speed.

A GDI Support Crawler upgraded with Advanced Thrusters is capable of outrunning every heavy aircraft in the game, including every other Crawler, and only slightly slower than light craft such as Nod Venom craft. This makes it a powerful ability both for defense, and also for rapidly flying between TCN Nodes to capture them. With the Tier 3 upgrade, this allow's the crawler's picked up repairing to quickly arrive to reinforce an assault force, as well.

Repair zone

Repair Zone is a GDI support power that appears in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. When used, it instantly repairs all friendly units in the targeted area.

Status reboot

Instantly removes all enemy buffs and all allied debuffs, and gives all allied units a health boost in the targeted area.

Accelerated construction

Accelerated Construction is a GDI support power that appears in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight.

When used on a friendly Crawler, it constructs units and structures at a faster rate for a short time.


Overkill is a GDI support power that appears in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. When used, it temporarily increases the rate of fire of all friendly units in the targeted area.

EMP mine drop

EMP Mine Drop is a GDI support power that appears in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. When used, it deploys an EMP mine field at the target location via a drop pod.

Point defense shields

Point Defense Shields is a GDI support power that appears in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. When used, it grants a temporary shield to all units in the target area, allowing them to absorb more damage.

Supply drop

Supply Drop is a GDI support power that appears in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. When used, it deploys six Tiberium Cores at the targeted location via a drop pod.

Mirror coat

Mirror Coat is a GDI support power that appears in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. When used, it grants all friendly units in the targeted area a temporary deflection bonus.

Battle hardening

Battle Hardening is a GDI support power that appears in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. When used, it instantly boosts the veterancy of all friendly units in the targeted area by two ranks.

Displacement field

Displacement Field is a GDI support power that appears in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. When used, it increases the dodge of targeted units substantially.

Sonic artillery

Sonic Artillery is a GDI support power that appears in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight.

When used, it calls down a barrage of sonic shells. Each shell deals area damage and has an EMP effect.

Firehawk airstrike

Firehawk Airstrike is a GDI support power that appears in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. When used, it calls in an elite squad of Firehawks to the targeted area, who will then attack all hostiles in the area until they run out of ammo.

Cloak module

Cloak module was an upgrade used by the Brotherhood of Nod during the Ascension Conflict.

Makes Cobra and Vertigo stealthed.

Subterranean Strike

This is a Nod support power. It causes a several large drills to pop out of the ground damaging any gound units over them.[2]