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Firing Spectrum Cannon!
- Mirage Tank opening spectrum fire

The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. The "electromagnetic spectrum" of an object is the characteristic distribution of electromagnetic radiation emitted or absorbed by that particular object.

The electromagnetic spectrum extends from below frequencies used for modern radio through to gamma radiation at the short-wavelength end, covering wavelengths from thousands of kilometers down to a fraction the size of an atom. The long wavelength limit is the size of the universe itself, while it is thought that the short wavelength limit is in the vicinity of the Planck length, although in principle the spectrum is infinite and continuous.

Game effect[]

RA3 MirageTank

Mirage tanks are armed with powerful Spectrum Cannons

Spectrum is a type of weapon similar to a laser beam used by the Allies during the Third World War's third iteration.

It is also the Allies secondary defense weapon, replacing the now non-existing Prism weapons. Spectrum ray have the nearly the same as prism ray (ie. charged by other prism powered unit, spreaded to other targets after the initial target was hit).

  • The newest Mirage Tank is known to cause heavy damage even to Apocalypse Tanks due to its Spectrum cannon armament. The Mirage tanks are now even more armored too.
  • The Spectrum Tower uses Spectrum technology as a lethal weapon against the heavier Soviet vehicles. When in groups, they do more damage like the Prism Towers in the past.

The Spectrum Beam is lethal to even Natasha and Yuriko if used carefully.

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