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Spitfire laser capacitors
Spitfire laser capacitor pod at the Tech Lab

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  • $3000 (TW)
  • $2500 (KW)
Build time
  • 1:00 (TW)
  • 1:15 (KW)
Produced by

Tech Lab

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Upgrades all Raider Buggies, Scorpion Tanks and Venoms with Spitfire Lasers as well as Laser Turrets (Kane's Wrath). Increases attack damage

CNCTW Laser Capacitors Cameo

Spitfire laser capacitors are a Nod upgrade in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


Realizing the extra potential laying in their laser technology (as seen in the Obelisk of Light), Nod scientists concentrated their research on practical applications of the technology and developed a more portable version, which could be mounted on most vehicles. However, the technology did not enter widespread use, and was available on request and at a cost to commanders who constructed a Tech lab on the battlefield.


The laser capacitors are retroactively mounted on vehicles in service and by default mounted on vehicles in the assembly line once the upgrade is purchased. The units that receive this upgrade are the Raider buggy, Venom patrol craft and the Scorpion tank, in the Kane's Wrath events, Laser Turrets are also seen being augmented with these systems, increasing damage. Other sub-factions' equivalent of this upgrade include the Marked of Kane's Supercharged particle beams and the Black Hand's Charged Particle Beams.

A known effect that Heroic ranked units, using this upgrade, will attack with pale-blue lasers.

Although Black Hand does not have access to Spitfire lasers, researching the upgrade at a captured Nod Tech Lab will grant Black Hand Raider Buggies and Scorpion Tanks access to Spitfire lasers. Marked of Kane Raider Buggies and Scorpion Tanks, however, are unaffected by this upgrade.


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