A Sputnik (Red Alert iPhone) is one of the Soviet Union's best vehicles that can transform into an Outpost for their base expansions against Allied forces during the Post-War Crisis.

Soviet Campaign

Romanov's power against Yuri blew the madman away since the Time Machine re-emerged to the aftermath of Great World War III and its Psychic Dominator Disaster. With a Construction yard, Romanov needed something to place outposts across Eastern Europe despite Allied efforts to halt the Soviet Union from crossing into Germany and Austria. As the Allies made Prospectors, Romanov created the Sputnik that can transform itself into an outpost to secretly communicate Soviet operations across Europe. The Post-War Crisis ended with Romanov escaping, Allied failure to capture the Time Machine and Bronislav killed in action by Special Agent Tanya in an Apocalypse tank at Moscow itself.


The Sputnik was re-upgraded by Premier Cherdenko after his Time Travel in 1927 to assassinate Einstein by shaking his hand in Brussels. With Europe conquested from Geneva to the Von Esling Airbase in Iceland when Krukov was killed in betrayal, the Sputnik became the Soviets' transformation into an Outpost. They now can be built inside a Naval Yard on water. The conquest happens after Ackerman's announcement on aiding the Allied Nations in western Europe and quickly as possible against communism on the continent, making Cherdenko to appoint Krukov in establishing camp on the north-eastern side of the map.

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