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This article is about the Allied Spy Satellite in the Red Alert Universe. For the US Spy Satellite in the Generals Universe, see Spy Satellite.

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The Spy Satellite Uplink was an Allied structure used during the Third World War and the Psychic Dominator Disaster that revealed the entire battlefield.


When this structure was built, it would receive contact with a spy satellite and would allow a commander to see enemy troop movements in real time. This gave a commander a huge advantage over any enemy force. In fact, the closest the thing the Soviets had were Spy planes, and Yuri had the Psychic reveal. Both of these were only capable of revealing a certain portion of the battlefield for a limited amount of time. But the Spy Satellite Uplink could reveal the entire battlefield permanently, thanks to the Spy Satellites orbiting the Earth. This provided great intelligence to the Allies and subsequently a great advantage over the opposing force. However, if the structure was destroyed, the radar view will be covered in shroud completely, showing only the area where the owner's troops/buildings are located.

In the War of the Three Powers, this structure doesn't exist (thanks to Cherdenko's Trip to 1927) and was replaced by the Surveillance Sweep.


When built and deployed, the Spy Satellite Uplink completely removes the shroud, showing all locations on the battlefield and on the Radar display. However, it is not powerful enough to remove the shroud from a rogue gap generator.

The Spy Satellite Uplink also complements the role of Airforce Command Headquarters, meaning that the player can view the radar independently from the mentioned structure. This disables enemy spies from resetting the radar view. However once it's destroyed or the power supply cut off the spy can reintroduce the fog of war.


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