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The Stasis Chamber is a Scrin structure that unlocks the stasis shield support power and the shock trooper, and provides upgrades for the latter.


It allows the Scrin to deploy their most advanced 'infantry': Shock Troopers, Ravagers (with a Nerve Center present), and the Mastermind or Prodigy (which also requires a Technology Assembler). The Stasis Chamber not only allows the production of these units but also provides the Scrin with the ability to upgrade them and (in the case of Traveler-59) other infantry.

Additionally, the structure can deploy a Stasis Shield, which is capable of preventing the movement of any units on the battlefield over a fairly large radius, while also rendering them invulnerable. This ability has proven to have numerous tactical ramifications. The effects of the ability are antithetical to Traveler-59, however, which values mobility above all else. Thus it is unavailable to that sub-faction.

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