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CNCR NodLogo.png The following is based on the Nod campaign of Tiberian Dawn and might contradict canon.
Somewhere in this area there is a GDI Advanced Communications Center. Inside this center are the firing codes for their orbiting Ion station. The Brotherhood must have these codes. Capture the Center and retrieve the codes, do not destroy the center.
- Mission briefing

Steal the Codes is the penultimate Nod mission in Tiberian Dawn. This mission takes place in Botswana, as Nod prepared for their invasion into South Africa.


Despite the assassination of Dr. Wong Hu Chan, GDI still managed to complete development of their orbital superweapon. Having realized the power of the Ion Cannon, Kane formulated a plan to turn the superweapon against its creators. In order to do this however, he would need to steal the cannon's security codes from a GDI base with an Advanced Communications Center.

The GDI had launched a major offensive through Botswana on Zambia and Zimbabwe and as the 'pincers' of the Nod assault closed in on Botswana to stop them an opportunity had finally arisen for Nod to capture the Advanced Communications Center at Ghanzi. Kane chose none other than the Nod Commander for this task as none other could be relied upon for a task of this importance.

Battle and operation

When Nod forces arrived in the Ghanzi area they found themselves in a less than idea location for a base, a craggy area entirely devoid of Tiberium. The GDI had wisely placed 2 Mammoth tanks blocking the bridge over a river which led to a Tiberium field. But despite their initial disadvantages Nod forces were able to build up a sufficient force to overcome the GDI bases defenses and one of their Engineers took control of the Advanced Communications Center within the base.

Having done so they were able to retrieve the security codes and relay them to the Nod command in complete secrecy.


With Botswana taken Nod forces closed in on the last remnants of the GDI in Africa at Cape Town.

The capture of the Advanced Communications Center not only gave Nod access to the security codes but it also struck at the central communications apparatus of the GDI forces in Botswana. Without it they were thrown into disarray and Nod forces swiftly defeated them and gain control over all of Botswana saving Zimbabwe and Zambia from GDI reconquest.

With the security codes and Botswana in Kane's hands, Nod could proceed with his master plan of crushing GDI in Africa once and for all. All that was left was the erection of a Temple of Nod near Cape Town, a symbolic centre of Nod's control over Africa and the total obliteration of the GDI forces from the continent.


The player starts with a convoy of vehicles and an MCV. Distract the two mammoths or avoid them then deploy the MCV near the tiberium field. Get many flame tanks and recon bikes as possible then use the flame tanks to burn down the structures and infantry while outnumbering the GDI tanks and Orcas with the bikes. Do not destroy the advanced communications center, just capture it to win the mission.

Be prepared for the ion cannon and the A-10 strikes.


Nod base destroyed by the ion cannon (mission start cinematic)
A spy plane crashing into a mosque (mission accomplished cinematic)
NOD 12A - Steal The Codes
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