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Stealth tank (Tiberian Dawn)

Stealth is the ability to remain hidden and be difficult to detect by the enemy. Stealth as a mechanic has appeared in all mainline Command & Conquer titles, not only in the form of optic camouflage (cloaking) but also disguising, submerging, burrowing and subterranean travel. Most stealth units maintain their stealth while idle or on the move, but lose it once they are attacking, are being attacked by, or have sustained heavy damage. To the controlling player, stealth objects are typically translucent.

Stealth can be countered by detectors, which are units, structures, or abilities that can detect stealth units or structures. This capability is especially critical when dealing with ambushes and base infiltration.

Game analysis[]

In games before Tiberium Wars, stealth enemy units and structures can be discovered by moving friendly non-detector units into their close proximity.

Tiberian Dawn[]

In the original Command & Conquer, the Stealth Tank is the only unit in the game that can be stealth while both idle and on the move. It will lose its stealth if it attacks or is fired upon. Other units can gain stealth by a rare crate pickup.


All base defences can detect the Stealth Tank within their attack range.

Red Alert[]

Red Alert introduces the Spy for the Allies and submerged submarine units for the Soviets.


Tiberian Sun[]

Cloaked unit detected!
- EVA when stealth tanks are detected

Subterranean units are introduced to Tiberian Sun, being able to travel to locations through the underground and thus can be undetectable by enemy forces above. Like in Tiberian Dawn, other units can gain stealth by a rare crate pickup.


TS Mobile Sensor Array

Mobile Sensor Arrays can detect stealth.

In Tiberian Sun and Firestorm, the Sensors value nominally enables a unit or structure to detect stealth units in the immediate vicinity. The same goes for the SENSORS attribute given to select units when gaining elite status. The mobile sensor array has a unique SensorArray value.

Red Alert 2[]

  • Spy, by active disguise
  • Mirage Tank, by passive disguise
  • Dolphin, by submerging; detects other submerged units
  • Typhoon Attack Sub, by submerging; detects other submerged units
  • Giant Squid, by submerging; detects other submerged units
  • Boomer (Yuri's Revenge only), by submerging; also detects other submerged units


Units which can detect spies have the DetectDisguise value set positively.

Units which can detect submerged objects have the Sensors value set positively, with the SensorsSight value determining the range.


In Command & Conquer mode, all base defenses can detect stealth targets.


They can't hide from me!
- Troop Crawler
Generals King Raptor

Granger's King Raptors can detect stealth

All commando units in Generals are cloaked. In Zero Hour, Kassad is a playable GLA general who has a stealth-focused arsenal. The GLA can also use the GPS scrambler to cloak its units.

American detectors[]

Chinese detectors[]

GLA detectors[]

Red Alert 3[]




All infantry units except Scarabs can detect stealth units.

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