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Stealth Comanche Upgrade
ZH Stealth Comanche Upgrade Icons.jpg
Faction USA (Granger only)
Research cost $1500

Stealth Comanche Upgrade is an upgrade available to General Malcolm Granger in Zero Hour.

When equiped it provided a significant tactical advantage to General Grangers Commanches, however even with it equiped they suffered from the same limitations as the standard USA version.

While the stealth factor allowed for surprise attacks, wary generals may be able to hear (albiet not see) when Stealth Commanches are in the area- the stealth effect is in the visible spectrum and does not affect the audio of the aircraft. The stealth effect, as with most other units, would be broken if they encountered stealth detection units or base defenses. Also the effect did not maintain if the Commanche engaged it's weapon systems, the loud noise would cause enemy units to see the origin of the ordinance, making them privy to the location of the helicopter and removing the stealth effect. However, once the weapon system disengages the stealth effect will return shortly afterwards.


Gunship ready for covert ops!
- Stealth Comanche Unused Quote

Originaly, the Stealth Comanche Upgrade was supposed to be a Special Air Unit for General Granger (Like the King Raptor) called the Stealth Comanche, But it Was Scrapped for Unknown Reasons.

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