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The Stealth Comanche Upgrade is an upgrade available to General Malcolm Granger in Zero Hour.

Game Effect[]

Stealth Comanche grants all Comanches stealth when they are not attacking.


With proper micromanagement, a Stealth Comanche's mobility and firepower make it a very dangerous battlefield presence, acting as scouts and capable of roaming a wide area unobserved. They can pounce on unsuspecting targets of opportunity while avoiding anti-air units that are too dangerous to engage. It is still vulnerable to ambush by anti-air units that are accompanied by stealth detectors.


Gunship ready for covert ops!
- Stealth Comanche unused quote
  • Granger was to have access to Stealth Comanches before they were cut. Stealth Comanches have unique voice lines in addition to their namesake attribute, but are otherwise identical to regular Comanches.
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