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The Stealth General Challenge is a Generals Challenge level that pits the player against stealth specialist Prince Kassad.


Prince Kassad

Defeat by Prince Kassad

Map Description[]

The Stealth General's base is located in a rough hilly region divided by lakes and ridges. It is heavily cluttered with villages and urbanized areas, all designed to conceal his own structures, restrict movement, and channel the player's forces into traps. The player begins in a flat eastern valley that narrows considerably to the northwest, eventually becoming quite restricted. None of Kassad's facilities, save for a couple of tech buildings, are initially visible on the map. His base itself is widely dispersed with buildings tucked into areas that appear too small to contain them, making eradicating his base somewhat frustrating on the first play. Movement anywhere outside of the starting area is hazardous. Assume that roads, access ramps, and valuable buildings are all defended by traps and ambushes.

General Considerations[]

  • After the first playthrough, Kassad's stealthed structures aren't too concerning, given they tend to be at the same location. His Rebels, while stealthed by default, are no more threatening than normal equivalents since they break stealth to fire/capture structures. Rather, the main challenge lies in the Rocket Buggy swarms, which can outrange every base defense. If that wasn't enough, Rocket Buggies are also sent alongside Quad Cannons through Sneak Attack tunnels. Technicals are also a common sight, many of which are loaded with Terrorists. Hijackers, Stinger Sites. An Anthrax Bomber arriving at the wrong time can potentially cause enemy units to overrun the player's entire base. As the player is dealing with these various threats, Kassad's uniquely hidden Scud Storm begins its countdown.
  • Most of his essential base structures are dispersed between the two western map corners, divided by the large lake. His superweapon, the SCUD Storm, is placed at the northwestern corner in the center of a crop field. It would be in one's best interests to construct their own superweapon early and destroy it in combination with a General's Power. If it starts counting down before then, restart or reload.
  • A powerful but risky strategy is to appropriate enemy resources for use, as stealthed Stinger Sites can usually get the drop on Rocket Buggies, negating their range advantage. However, all playable generals have more efficient answers to such attacks.
  • Capture the Artillery Platform and Oil Derrick nearby. Defend both, but don't overdo it, as the Artillery Platform will likely be lost eventually to Combat Cycles and Rocket Buggies.
  • Because Kassad's attack force tends to target the first building near the central ridge (often the artillery platform) that they spot, careful positioning of additional defenses slightly back and below can shoot raiders from their flanks.
  • An enemy Artillery Platform up on the western cliff and another at the northern valley opening will have to be dealt with to effectively fight in the valley.
  • Aim to capture Tech Buildings and the UN Supply Crate only after establishing a comfortable defense against both the Rocket Buggies and the SCUD Storm, as there's too much enemy resistance for them to be worthwhile earlier on.
    • For certain generals, the Reinforcement Pad will prove extremely valuable due to the units they receive. Others won't have a particular edge, but the free vehicles can still be put to good use. There's also an Oil Derrick nearby to provide income. As it is guarded by two Stinger Sites, a Tunnel Network and numerous Demo Traps, they must be cautiously removed or bypassed.
  • While Kassad's Sneak Attack is a real threat, the player has some control over where it is likely to appear. A densely packed base can force Kassad to deploy it in a predictable location. The tradeoff of packing buildings close together is that, should Kassad manage to launch his SCUD Storm, it will do much more damage to the base.
  • If playing as the USA or China, try to capture Kassad's supply stash and build an arms dealer in order to acquire a GLA radar van. Although both already have native detector units, the van's Radar scan ability provides some flexibility. A Black Market will be necessary first. This is particularly advisable for Chinese factions, who lack the infinite range of the spy satellite.


All Chinese specialist generals have decent reconnaissance options to reveal stealth units, although ground advance tends to be slow and plodding.

  • One Nuclear Missile and Level 3 Artillery Barrage can be used in combination to preemptively destroy the SCUD Storm. Once more are available, they can be saved for ground assaults.
    • Most structures won't take more than two Nuclear Missiles as they cannot survive the first. However, disregarding General's Powers, the Command Center will require four.
  • The Helix can be equipped with Gatling Guns, giving it stealth detection and allowing it to take down his infantry or lightly armored vehicles, while those with Battle Bunkers can work in tandem with Tank Hunters to neutralize heavier vehicles. Though vulnerable to anti-armor weapons and the Quad Cannon, Helixes are airborne units, and therefore can evade Jarmen Kell/Tunnel Networks/Anthrax Bombs. They are also more mobile and can respond to rocket buggy swarms faster than ground vehicles. A battle-bunker Helix packed with tank hunters is good for dispatching the attack buggies, but the player should be sure not to let them be drawn too far away from the base perimeter, where they are vulnerable to ambushes.
  • The Overlord can be likewise be equipped with Gatling Guns to neutralize the threat from Hijackers or Rebel Ambushes.
  • Black Lotus, in all cases, is vitally important as a scout, even if her abilities won't help much beyond capturing enemy Artillery Platforms. She can move cautiously forward to spot traps and is generally safe as long as she avoids defensive structures.
  • Listening Outposts and Attack Outposts, being stealthed when not moving, can play an important role in defending the base entrance from buggies, which tend to rush recklessly up to their firing positions. By lying in wait along the road forward of the base entrance, they can ambush these raiders.
  • The restricted terrain of the map can be turned to the player's advantage with Cluster Mines, which should be laid along the approach routes used by Kassad's raiders as often as possible and weaken the Rocket Buggies.
  • MiGs cannot safely venture far given the abundance of Stinger Sites, although they can still be used for surgical removal of these structures, attack Tunnel Networks or fight off Rocket Buggies that appear at the base entrance.
  • A large number of Gattling Tanks can be used to deter Anthrax Bombers if the Rocket Buggies can be dealt with. Helixes and ECM Tanks will often be their best companions.
  • While not a perfect defense, it is sensible to place an ECM tack ahead of a Gatling Tank or ahead of the defensive structure that receives the brunt of the rocket buggy attacks. Since Kassad does not have heavy units, they should buy enough time for the player to retaliate. They can sometimes fall to suicide demo bikes, however.
  • The Gattling Cannon is a surprisingly capable base defense, as most enemy units are lightly armored. One can single-handedly defeat a Technical and all five Terrorists attacking the Oil Derrick, although micromanagement is required to beat off Sneak Attacks near them.
  • Resources shouldn't be an issue if Hackers are built early for a stable stream of income. Initially forced to operate in the open, place them far away from buildings that will attract the sneak attack and Anthrax Bomber. Build an internet center when possible.

Shin Fai (Infantry)[]

  • Assault Troop Transports and Attack Outposts, both of which detect stealth, can be filled with infantry to eventually overrun Kassad's forces.
    • The attack outpost, stealthed when stationary, can ambush incoming rocket buggies if placed well slightly ahead of the front of the perimeter. It should be full loaded and Kassad's artillery platforms have to be disabled first.
  • If time is not a concern, an artillery advance strategy can be used to eliminate defenses like Stinger Sites and eventually the entire base. Fai's vehicles can both detect stealthed structures and adequately defend artillery from close attack, allowing a creeping advance. Acquiring the Nuke Cannon is recommended for its superior range and power.
  • The Assault Helix is overall a superior infantry transport than the original with its higher capacity, which can compensate for the lack of Overlords, Battlemasters and Gattling Tanks depending on their payload. Their mobility and reasonable durability lend them to role as a quick-reaction defense.
  • Try to capture the Reinforcement Pad for free Assault Troop Transports.

Ta Hun Kwai (Tanks)[]

  • A ground assault will be incredibly expensive due to the lack of artillery units. Prepare multiple Nuclear Missiles and fire them at the right moment for armored units to push through and try to neutralize Stinger Sites in advance.
  • Emperors are best used defensively at first to deal with internal sneak attacks. They are too slow to respond to rocket buggies at the perimeter; Helixes with a bunker loaded with Tank Hunters are preferable.
  • The restricted terrain usually makes the horde bonus unusable for tanks. Instead, a wedge of three to four self-healing Emperors with gatling cannon for detection and supported by an overhead Helix is probably the best option for a straightforward frontal attack.
  • It may be worth capturing one of the two Command Centers or at least an Arms Dealer. Either will suffice in granting access to Rocket Buggies, which can compensate for the lack of artillery units. Radar Vans and Angry Mobs are also useful assets.
    • Radar Vans can provide cheap mobile stealth detection. If a Black Market is built, the Radar Van Scan ability can be unlocked to aid with General Power/Superweapon targeting.
    • Angry Mobs are rather effective in direct assaults and relatively cheap for the destruction they bring.

Tsing Shi Tao (Nuclear)[]

  • Since Advanced Nuclear Reactors are much more efficient and Nuclear Missiles are cheaper, it's easier field them en masse, then overwhelm enemy defenses through their combined weight of fire. A ground offensive is not necessary, although some scouting might be required for targeting.


A lack of many stealth-detecting units makes the game quite challenging for the GLA player, particularly during initial base expansion.

  • Jarmen Kell is best used defensively by suppressing infantry so that defenses can focus on vehicles, and by eliminating the occasional raiding vehicle. However, the long recharge time of his anti-vehicle ability means that he cannot by himself stop the rocket buggy attacks. In an assault, he can be used to suppress Stinger Sites, snipe enemy Workers and to counter enemy Jarmen Kells.
  • The Quad Cannon should be deployed a bit later. One can effortlessly fight off Rebel Ambushes. Combined with well-positioned Angry Mobs beyond the base perimeter to shut down Rocket Buggies, it can even destroy the Anthrax Bomber in time, although at least seven will be needed.
  • Several Radar Vana are needed to spot stealth units. Place them at where Rebel Ambushes are likely to appear, alongside a proper defense force.
    • Build numerous radar vans towards the late game so that its scan function can be used for remote SCUD Storm targeting.
  • A Tunnel Network or two can provide sanctuary to units that aren't able to outrun the Anthrax Bomb.
  • A Battle Bus with RPG Troopers should be kept nearby to deal with Sneak Attack Tunnels, and may prove to be better than Palaces given a proper setup.
  • The Sneak Attack Tunnel can be used in tandem with Radar Van's ability and a well-placed Scud Storm to destroy defending units before inserting a strike force right behind enemy lines. Marauders and Scorpions are best used here, but Rocket Buggies, SCUD Launchers and Battle Buses tend to work far better as they can strike from afar and quickly retreat into the tunnel if they do come under threat.
  • The Palace is truly useful as a defensive building on this mission. It can be placed near the front to distract Rocket Buggies, or within the base itself to deal with Sneak Attacks that may occur nearby.
  • One ordinary SCUD Storm will not finish its enemy equivalent. It may be necessary to follow it up with another attack to eliminate the GLA Hole.
  • Avoid capturing the Reinforcement Pad, as they won't be able to provide useful reinforcements and the effort to clear the area is extremely time-consuming.
  • The SCUD Launcher is good at destroying rocket buggies at range and does not have to expose itself to any escort units that happen to show up. Splash damage can sometimes knock out multiple buggies per salvo.
  • Demo Traps can be used as an interior defense if the player can anticipate where the Sneak Attack will occur. If there is time between buggy raids, one or two can be hastily built forward of the defense line to hopefully take out a buggy or two, but the player should not try to use them at the expense of more effective tactics.

Rodall Juhziz (Demolitions)[]

The Demolition General's boosted explosives allow him to destroy structures with ease and pulverize Kassad's lightly armored units, provided enough stealth-detection has been deployed.

  • Juhziz's extra-destructive SCUD Storm can neutralize its counterpart, although Kassad will attempt to rebuild his.
  • The lack of toxins isn't necessarily a drawback. Rather, units can be inserted as soon as the SCUD Storm has cleared the area and attack immediately.

Dr. Thrax (Chemical-Biological Weapons)[]

Thrax's chemically enhanced rocket weapons are a benefit both against structures (by killing repair workers) and more directly against Kassad's lightly armored combat units. Residual ground contamination can kill follow-on infantry.

  • When upgraded with Anthrax Gamma, the SCUD Storm is, in fact, able to neutralize the enemy SCUD Storm. It's best to build and fire it as early as possible, giving the toxins enough time to eat away at its health.
  • Toxin Networks are surprisingly effective against Sneak Attacks and Technicals. Although Anthrax Gamma is necessary for it to achieve full potential, one or two of these can melt any vehicles or infantry in seconds. Even the Terrorists spawned from Technicals won't pose a threat, as the turret will immediately hit them after destroying the Technical.


With its inherent flexibility and excellent stealth-detection options, all three USA factions are readily adaptable to Kassad's challenge. Either a ground campaign or superweapon bombardment are feasible.

  • Use the spy satellite as often as possible, starting with the region immediately around the player's starting area. There are many hidden traps and ambushes in narrow places that look as though they are too small to contain anything.
  • The Spy Drone is usually recommended for providing warning of incoming raids, although it costs a promotion point to acquire. It is worthwhile to examine the area with a satellite pass before placing it so that the drone does not appear too close to a hidden defense and subsequently get shot down immediately.
  • Colonel Burton can greatly alleviate defensive pressure with strategical placement. As a stealth unit, he can be set on guard mode to swiftly ambush infantry and Rocket Buggies that pass near him while they're focused on the Artillery Platform. With his protection, Avengers and Humvees (with Missile Defenders) can be safely deployed. Avengers will neutralize any Rockets and shoot down the Anthrax Bomber, while Missile Defenders deal with Quad Cannons. At worst, even if the Anthrax Bomber makes it through, these expensive units will be typically out of range.
  • The Tomahawk can be a serviceable line of defense against Sneak Attack tunnels and Rocket Buggies due to its range and damage, but are only effective in numbers with meticulous placement.
  • Humvees can serve varying roles depending on their payload. Rangers help fight off early-game infantry rushes while Missile Defenders can be used to destroy Sneak Attack tunnels before they fully deploy. Upgraded with a spy drone and filled with 4 missile defenders and 1 pathfinder, even a single Humvee could do a lot.
  • Though expensive, the Sentry Drone makes a good unit for careful ground advance and clearance. Since they remain camouflaged when still, they can serve as a scout or to make a sharp exit if necessary. Stationing them at regular intervals along the road leading to the starting area should give the player sufficient warning of Kassad's periodic raids.
  • A General's Power such as the level 3 A-10 Strike combined with a single Particle Cannon blast can suffice against the SCUD Storm, but when supported by a Worker it'll likely survive. As Stinger Sites and Quad Cannons can also prove to be a threat, an Aurora might be necessary to finish it off. If possible, direct the particle beam to kill the worker as repairs begin.
  • Pathfinders are near-essential for ground assaults with their stealth detection and effectiveness against infantry. They can indefinitely suppress Stinger Sites by constantly eliminating the soldiers and their replacements so that heavy units can move in and finish the site off. They can also eliminate Jarmen Kell if the latter is in the open, or to prevent structures from being rebuilt by Workers.
  • With the prevalence of hidden RPG Troopers, Quad Cannons and Stinger Sites, Raptors, Stealth Fighters, Auroras and Comanches are best reserved for defense initially.
    • Comanches, while expensive, are useful for rushing forward to suppress the rocket buggy raids. They have to be managed, lest they fall to Quad Cannons.
    • Offensively, a cautious strategy of checking the intervening area with stealth detector units is advised before launching air strikes. This limits the USA to tactical air attacks on the forward edge of the battlefield, unless a one-way Aurora sacrifice is required to stop an imminent SCUD Storm launch.
    • If detectors are scarce, another way to check for local air defenses is to fire a Tomahawk at a random spot on the ground along the flight path, which will trigger anti-air units.
  • In sufficient quantities, Particle Cannons can potentially secure victory without ever having to mount a ground assault.
  • It certainly doesn't hurt to place the resilient Strategy center a fair bit ahead of other structures with the "Search and Destroy" strategy. It'll provide a range boost to ground units and also grant the structure stealth detection. near the front defense line. With the "search and destroy" strategy enabled, it will detect stealth and extend the range of ground units, crucial for reaching the buggies. The center will certainly be a target for approaching siege units, but it has enough durability to resist several barrages, and in any case it would be a target for sneak attacks behind the lines anyway.

Malcolm Granger (Air Force)[]

The Point Defense Laser on most of his units gives Granger an edge against rocket attacks, as long as the player takes care not to lose expensive aircraft to hidden air defenses.

  • The King Raptor detects stealth and is quite good for forward base perimeter defense. Furthermore, its point defense laser has surprisingly decent range, allowing a patrolling King Raptor to help screen the base from rocket buggy barrages. Sending them further into unexplored territory is unadvisable because of the possibility of running into hidden Quad Cannons.
  • Comanches, once upgraded with stealth, can hide forward of the defense line and suppress the incessant rocket buggies, but they can still be easily shot down by Quad Cannons and RPG Troopers. Additionally, there are numerous hidden Stinger Sites and Tunnels that will detect the Comanche if it ventures too far away from the base, so the player should hold them back until ground scouts can establish surveillance over the terrain.
  • Combat Chinooks can naturally avoid Anthrax Bombs, serving as an alternative line of airborne defense with their exceptional agility. With Humvees, each Combat Chinook can hold a whopping 12 Missile Defenders, shredding enemy vehicles with terrifying ease and possibly shutting down Sneak Attack Tunnels before they deploy anything. Its PDLs can neutralize missiles, though care must be taken when dealing with Quad Cannons. Note that any Pathfinders on board will lose their stealth-detecting ability, necessitating the use of other capabilities to scan the ground below for camouflaged units.
  • As hidden air defenses can remain even after an area has been bombed, it is recommended that Spy Drones, Sentry Drones or Pathfinders be inserted into areas along the path of intended aircraft flights before expanding air operations over them. A full-fledged ground campaign, however, is not necessary.
  • Though the affordable bombers with PDLs makes it easier than other factions, it is still not recommended that the player bother capturing the reinforcement pad, which will only provide Granger basic Humvees. However, if upgraded with scout drones, they can serve as a cheap way to secure cleared areas against re-infiltration (see above).
  • Once battlefield supplies have been collected, the standard Chinooks can be parked over base defenses and use their PDLs to screen them from incoming buggy rockets.

General Townes (Laser)[]

  • The Laser Defense Turret is an excellent defense against infantry and vehicles. Two can protect the Oil Derrick with reasonable efficiency, and three of them can shut down an entire Sneak Attack on their own. Rocket Buggies are their only weakness.
  • With cheaper Avengers, they can be deployed earlier on, possibly preventing an Anthrax Bomber from hitting in the first place. Place one or two in front of the base defense structure that receives most of the rocket barrages.
  • A force of Laser Tanks backed by Avengers can mount an effective ground assault, but as Tomahawks are not available, Particle Cannons, Microwave Tanks and Aurora Bombers must be relied upon to clear enemy defenses. Supported by anti-infantry Pathfinders, Laser Crusaders can easily destroy Kassad's light vehicles once the latter are detected.
  • It is recommended not to capture the Reinforcement Pad; because of the Laser Crusader's power demands, it rapidly becomes a liability, and additional Laser Tanks arriving before sufficient fusion plants are built can overload Townes' power supply and bring every other Laser Tank offline.

Alexis Alexander (Superweapons)[]

  • The EMP Patriots work wonders, since if a Sneak Attack tunnel pops within range it'll be stun-locked, preventing any units from being deployed until its destruction. A lucky missile landing right after that can catch all vehicles in its blast, leaving them completely helpless as the EMP Patriot System finishes them all in the next burst. They won't be able to shut down the Anthrax Bomber, so have Avengers ready.
  • With Particle Cannons at half price and Colonel Burton slightly cheaper, it is recommended to deploy them early.
  • The Reinforcement Pad provides free Tomahawks, so make the most of them.
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