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CNCG Stealth Fighter Cameo.png
Stealth Fighter
Gen1 Stealth Fighter.jpg
Affiliation USA
Role Bomber
  • 2x air-to-ground missiles
  • 2x Bunker Busters (upgrade)
  • Point defense laser (Granger only)
Hit points 120 (Gen 1.00-1.03)
140 (Gen 1.04-1.08, ZH)
Armor type
  • Airplane Armor
  • Countermeasures Airplane Armor (upgrade)
  • $1600
  • $1250 (Granger)
  • Build time 0:25
    Produced by American airfield
    Requires Stealth Fighter General Power
    Hotkey F
    Ground attack 100 (125 with Laser-guided missiles) (Jet Missiles)
    Cooldown 200
    Air speed 175 (120 when badly damage)
    Attack range 220
    Sight range 180-300
    Gen1 Laser-Guided Missiles Icons.gif
    Laser-Guided Missiles
    ZH Countermeasures Icons.png
    ZH Bunker Busters Icons.jpg
    Bunker Busters
    Gen1 Advanced Training Icons.png
    Advanced Training
    Ready for covert mission!
    - Stealth fighter reporting for duty

    The Stealth Fighter, or F-117A Nighthawk, although a fairly antiquated aircraft by the time of the GLA conflict, was still put to good use by certain USA generals.


    In spite of its name, the Stealth Fighter was more accurately a ground-attack or strike bomber aircraft, able to fire up to two missiles at a target before returning to a friendly Air Field to reload. More aptly for its name, the Stealth Fighter was invisible to most enemies at all times except when unloading its missiles or detected by any stealth-detect units and defences. Particularly effective against base defense structures, the Stealth Fighter gained further usefulness later in the war with the introduction of Bunker Buster Bombs.

    The majority of US generals had to opt for the Stealth Fighter as a promotional choice if they wished to obtain it. However, Air Force General Granger could obtain them without spending promotional points. Also, keeping with the cutting edge of defensive countermeasures, Granger equipped his Stealth fighters with point defense laser modules to protect them from enemy missiles.

    Although periodically useful for clearing Tunnel Networks or garrisoned buildings and taking on individual base defense structures, the Stealth Fighter was seldom used, with the more powerful Raptor used for attacking units and the Aurora for structures. Furthermore, most generals had to spend valuable promotional points on the aircraft.


    Bunker Buster Bombs are ready, sir!
    - Airfield Technician
    Gen1 Laser-Guided Missiles Icons.gif Laser-Guided Missiles Improved the accuracy and thus likely damage of Stealth Fighter attacks (up to 25%). Purchasable at any American Airfield for $1500
    ZH Countermeasures Icons.png Countermeasures Standard upgrade for all US aircraft later in the conflict. Improved the Stealth Fighter's chances against anti-aircraft weapons, particularly missiles. Purchasable at any American Airfield in Zero Hour for $1000
    ZH Bunker Busters Icons.jpg Bunker Busters Made available later in the conflict, following the vast deployment of GLA Tunnel Networks. Bunker Busters were not only capable of eliminating infantry garrisoned in buildings, but also clearing out Tunnel Networks. Purchasable at any American Airfield in Zero Hour for $1000
    Gen1 Advanced Training Icons.png Advanced Training Allows the Stealth Fighter to gain rank twice as quickly. Purchasable at any Strategy Center for $1500

    Game unit


    The Stealth fighter was highly effective at attacking construction units such as dozers and workers, and was able to destroy base defenses with ease. Standard base defenses usually did not detect the fighters until they were literally right on top of them. While the Raptor packed a considerably more potent arsenal and capable of attacking air units, they were unable to cross a heated battlefield safely, especially if such units as Quad Cannons and Gatling Tanks were common. The Stealth Fighter was able to slink across the battlefield right on top of or into an opponents base if the proper counter measures were not built. With the bunker busters upgrade the Stealth Bomber was also able to force infantry out of garrisonable structures, often heavily damaged if not killed. A Tunnel Network housing vehicles in it, when bested by a Bunker Buster will also be forced to evacuate the vehicles inside. The only infantry surviving the Bunker Buster are Rangers and hero units except Boss General Black Lotus.


    The Stealth Fighter was comparatively expensive, did little damage to enemy armour, and was vulnerable to a combination of stealth-detecting and anti-aircraft units. Its inability to attack air units was another considerable drawback when compared with the Raptor.



    Ready for covert mission.
    - When selected
    They won't get a lock.
    - When selected
    Slippery target.
    - When selected
    Stealth Fighter, ready for fly-by.
    - When selected
    Smooth and slick.
    - When selected
    - When selected
    Sneaking in.
    - When moving
    Running cool and quiet.
    - When moving
    I'll leave no trail.
    - When moving
    No restrictions.
    - When moving
    Paying a surprise visit.
    - When ordered to attack land units
    In and out.
    - When ordered to attack land units
    That's a lock.
    - When ordered to attack land units
    We're going in.
    - When ordered to attack land units
    Just passing through.
    - When ordered to attack land units
    He's on my screen.
    - When ordered to attack air units
    Out of the blue!
    - When ordered to attack air units
    You got company.
    - When ordered to attack air units
    Clear the skies!
    - When ordered to attack air units
    Take 'em out!
    - When ordered to attack air units
    Eject, quick!
    - When being shot down
    This one's lost!
    - When being shot down
    - When being shot down
    Fuel's almost gone!
    - When run out of fuel
    Gotta land soon!
    - When run out of fuel
    Get me down!
    - When run out of fuel
    We're under wraps.
    - When ordered to patrol
    I'll guard this airspace.
    - When ordered to patrol
    Surveying the area.
    - When ordered to patrol

    Cut Laser Stealth Fighter Quotes

    Laser Stealth Fighter, ready for take-off.
    - When selected
    Laser systems online.
    - When selected
    Stealth Fighter, ready for laser combat.
    - When selected
    Fill 'em with holes!
    - When ordered to attack
    Blast 'em!
    - When ordered to attack
    Heat 'em up!
    - When ordered to attack

    Cut Support Stealth Fighter Quotes

    Supporting our troops.
    - When selected
    Support Stealth, here.
    - When selected
    Health from above.
    - When selected
    Let's get out there and support our troops.
    - When moving
    Give 'em some health!
    - When moving


    • The F-22 Raptor's stealth characteristics and avionics are largely superior to that of the outdated F-117A Nighthawk, not to mention that it is capable of engaging both air and ground threats. This was most likely done due to balancing reasons, as making the Raptor as powerful as it is in real life would have made it an overpowered unit.
    • The Stealth Fighter has unused quotes for attacking aircraft, implying that it was once intended to be a fighter, as its name suggests, as opposed to a bomber.
    • A special "support" Stealth Fighter was planned for the Superweapon General. It would heal infantry beneath it in a similar manner to the Ambulance, and was probably supposed to complement the unused Repair vehicle. However, only the voice set remains.
    • According to residual Zero Hour sound files, General Townes was supposed to have his own version of the Stealth Fighter called the Laser Stealth Fighter. However, only the voice quotes remain.

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