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During the late stages of the War against the GLA, Prince Kassad trained his own skillfully camouflaged rebels. If an enemy base did not possess sufficient stealth detection, it was often possible for them to sneak into the base without the enemy's knowledge. They could also garrison civilian buildings throughout the battlefield without warning. Like regular rebels, they could be trained to capture buildings.


CNCG Building Capture Cameo.png
Capture Building Orders the stealth rebel to capture neutral and hostile structures.


CNCG Building Capture Cameo.png Capture Building Allows stealth rebels to capture neutral and enemy buildings. Purchasable at any GLA barracks for a cost of $1000.
Gen1 AP bullets Icons.png Armor-Piercing Bullets Increases the stealth rebel's damage output by 25%. Purchasable at any Black Market for a cost of $2000

Game unit

Once detected, they were no more a threat than normal Rebels. Their most efficient counter was Shin Fai's assault troop transport which could both detect the stealth rebels and finish them off. To poorly guarded bases, however, they were a serious threat and could capture many buildings if not taken care of.

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