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Black Hand stealth soldiers (called simply Black Hand in-game, or SBH for Stealth Black Hand by the online community) are the most feared members of the Brotherhood of Nod.


They wear full-body stealth suits, which allow them to remain unseen for long periods of time, similar to the stealth tank. The suit is self-powered and generates a personal cloaking field, a portable version of the Lazarus shield.

They quickly became the most feared men of the First Tiberium War, as they could infiltrate any base with ease and rumors spread about tanks driving and firing on their own, crewless vehicles firing at friendly forces or accidents mysteriously crippling whole structures.

Since their introduction, GDI bases worldwide have introduced paranoid security measures to prevent them from infiltrating their complexes.


The Chameleon Spy is the most prominent example of how the technology continued to be used by the Brotherhood of Nod after the First Tiberium War.


In singleplayer, it's a late game unit, appearing out of nowhere and targeting at the player with their Laser rifles. They are easily killed, but constant ambushes can lead the character to be low on health.

The Stealth Black Hand, is by far, the best Nod unit in multiplayer-provided the user knows how to use him correctly. Being completely invisible to the naked eye and only visible up close as a ghostly ripple of electricity, the stealth soldier can easily infiltrate almost any base, hijack any unattended vehicle and spy on unsuspecting GDI forces without the enemy knowing it. Because of their threat level, GDI personnel have taken every opportunity they can to kill them and to prevent them from escaping with valuable information. 3 of these men can easily cripple any structure if unchecked.

His laser rifle is powerful against any target, but it makes a very noticeable sound which draws tons of attention once it is heard. It is recommended to refrain from using this weapon unless it is absolutely necessary.

There is one glaring weakness, however-the Advanced guard tower can easily spot any cloaked Black Hands from any distance and instantly serve them a miserable death. If the AGT is underpowered, however, it poses no threat and cannot detect any incoming SBHs. If approached by GDI units up close or he fires any weapon, the SBH is no longer stealthed, and the shimmering effect their suits give off make them distinct and valuable targets for any sniper. Taking damage also causes their suits to malfunction and reveal their position for a few seconds.


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