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For other vehicles of the same name, see Stealth tank.

The Black Hand variant of the stealth tank was a Nod support vehicle during the First Tiberium War. When manned and not firing, it is stealthed.


The stealth tank is equipped with missile launchers and a Lazarus shield, which masks the tank's appearance.



The stealth tank is capable of infiltration due to its cloaking capability. While unable to withstand punishment against GDI's heavier vehicles for long, its missiles are capable of destroying defenses and buildings, especially in groups. The stealth tank uncloaks itself temporarily when it fires.

A popular strategy among players in multiplayer is the "stealth tank rush", where a group of stealth tanks infiltrate the enemy base and the passengers storm into a building at once. This strategy fails if the group is discovered and GDI is on high alert. Thus, coordination among Nod players is key.


Stealth tanks are weak compared to other vehicles, and one cannot survive a direct confrontation with a medium tank that lands the first shot.

Even when cloaked, tire tracks and engine noise are still present. This would allow for GDI tanks and infantry with area-of-effect weapons to fire in the general vicinity in hopes of damaging a stealth tank.


  • The Renegade multiplayer community often refer to the stealth tank as "Stank".

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