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For other uses, see Stealth tank. For the Tiberian Dawn mission that shares this unit's nickname, see Ezekiel's Wheel (mission).

The Stealth tank is a revolutionary vehicle of Nod in Tiberian Dawn.


This lightly-armored tank is equipped with the Lazarus shield, cloaking it from enemy sight. This shield is neutralized during firing, giving the tanks the ability to "appear" out of thin air. Although vehicles and most structures are not able to see the tank while cloaked, infantry and Guard Towers will reveal the tank if it gets too close to them.
- Tiberian Dawn manual(src)

The stealth tanks of the First Tiberium War are a Nod tracked missile carrier, equipped with a cloaking device known as "Lazarus shield" that allows them to cloak nearly instantaneously and disappear from sight. Unfortunately, stealth tanks are lightly armoured. Stealth tanks are named by Kane "Ezekiel's Wheel", after the biblical prophet's vision.

When the tank fires its twin Dragon TOW missiles it has to briefly deactivate its camouflage; as the cloaking system was incapable of recalculating the changing characteristics of the launchers during firing.

By the time the Second Tiberium War had begun, Nod had succeeded these units with the second generation of stealth tanks.

Game unit

The Stealth tank can be detected by infantry in close proximity and by guard towers. The best way to use stealth tanks is by attacking harvesters and structures not protected by enemy units due to the stealth tanks light armor. And because of their light armor, even Medium tanks can easily dispatch them once detected.

They can also serve as good hit and run units, by catching enemies off guard with a surprise attack and then make their getaway quickly and cloaking themselves again.


  • Rather ironically, stealth tanks are not capable of detecting other stealth units.
  • The German name of the Nod stealth tank is "cloak of silence" (ger. Mantel des Schweigens).



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A stealth tank raiding a GDI base

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