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The stealth tank is an advanced Nod vehicle in Tiberian Sun and Firestorm.


The newest in covert warfare, the stealth tank is a light battle tank that is able to cloak itself in order to remain undetected by enemies. The tank is unable to remain cloaked while firing due to the enormous power drain of the stealth generator. Only infantry and base defenses can reveal the stealth tank. However, GDI's Mobile Sensor Array can detect a stealth tank's presence[1].

Game unit

The stealth tank is the most advanced and expensive land combat vehicle available to the Brotherhood of Nod in Tiberian Sun.

The stealth tank is very lightly armoured and has just over half the hit points of Nod's main battle tank, the Tick Tank, making it very vulnerable against all but the lightest of weapons. However, it is equipped with a cloaking device that renders it undetectable to most units and structures, except the GDI Mobile Sensor Array and infantry if it approaches too closely to or crushes them.

The stealth tank is armed with twin Dragon TOW homing missiles that are highly effective against vehicles and aircraft. It is one of the few Nod land units capable of engaging aircraft (the others being the Rocket Infantry and the Attack Cycle (only when promoted to Elite status)).

The good firepower, stealth capabilities, and fragility of the stealth tank result in a vehicle that is well-optimized for hit-and-run attacks (especially on Harvesters) and ambushes. Slugging matches against GDI armour like the Titan will usually result in heavy losses, and should be avoided at all costs, considering the high cost of producing stealth tanks.


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