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The second-generation Stealth tank was an advanced Nod hit-and-run vehicle deployed during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Crisis.


Between the first two Tiberium wars, Nod improved the technology of the stealth tank, making it more agile and increasing its armour. However, Nod scientists still were unable to reduce the stealth generator's huge power consumption, which still necessitated the deactivation of the cloak during firing.

It should be noted that base defences are incapable of detecting stealthed units and stealth tanks can easily slip into the base if it did not have mobile sensor arrays, wreaking havoc as quickly as cloaking itself. However the cloaking device will deactivate if the stealth tank gets too close to a structure or enemy unit.


The stealth tank was later replaced by a newer and faster version which was more lightly armored but more efficient and far more powerful: capable of firing a lethal barrage of rockets and able to cloak and de-cloak in the blink of an eye.



  • Effective against aircraft and vehicles
  • Reasonably fast
  • Can sneak up on harvesters in Tiberium fields


  • Has the same weaponry as the attack cycle
  • Vulnerable when de-cloaking
  • Lightly armoured
  • Non-turreted: must face its targets to fire
  • Expensive
  • Useless against infantry, save for running them over


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