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This article is about the Tiberium Wars Nod unit. For other uses, see Stealth tank.

Stealth Tanks are invisible until they attack and effective against aircraft and vehicles
- Advisor about the tank

The stealth tank is an advanced tank used by Nod in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


Any scanners around?
- Stealth tank

In 2034, the stealth tank was extensively redesigned and upgraded. They were first used during the attack on Brother Marcion's headquarters and proved to be a powerful weapon, forming the backbone of Nod's hit-and-run operation.

Third generation stealth tanks provide valuable mobile anti-air support along with anti-tank firepower. Their stealth and speed make them excellent scouts, especially since Nod does not have a Radar Scan support power unlike GDI.

The redesign resulted in the removal of the fourth tread and streamlining of the vehicle, as well as overhauling the missile launchers. The new tank moves on three articulated treads, has an aerodynamic profile and much improved stealth generator. The missile launchers are now placed over the pilot's cockpit and are capable of firing volleys of guided missiles, numbering up to 10 rockets per volley. These rockets can be upgraded to Tiberium core missiles.

The new generator is much more advanced and is capable of reactivating the stealth bubble almost instantly after the tank has fired its volley, making the tank even more deadly and hard to locate than before. At close ranges, any unit with adequate sensors can locate a stealth tank; though these units, such as the Pitbull, are usually fragile, they can prove deadly to the stealth tanks if escorted by units with heavy firepower.

Game unit

Stealth tanks as always are fragile fast moving tanks that must rely on speed and firepower to win battles. Only use these tanks against anything that is defenseless like harvesters and unprotected structures. Never use the stealth tanks against units with heavy firepower and armor like Mammoth tanks and Annihilator tripods that can survive a volley and inflict massive amounts of damage in retaliation unless in greater numbers or supported by tougher units. If dealing with air power, be sure to use their speed and stealth skillfully while you're attacking to dodge enemy ordnance while inflicting damage. This tactic is useful for countering the powerful yet slow firing capital ships of the Scrin such as the Devastator Warship and Planetary Assault Carriers. Reinforce them with Venom support when possible, especially against faster aircraft like the GDI Firehawk and Orca and the Scrin Stromrider.

The Stealth tanks are great for infiltration and are very useful when paired with Nod's Specter Mobile Artillery. They provide strong mobile anti-air and anti-armor firepower useful for defending the vulnerable Specters(especially while deployed) as the Specter's artillery shells bombard enemy infrastructure as shown on the attack on the GDI Treasury, then vanish to avoid detection after knocking out their targets. These teams should still avoid direct confrontation though and watch out for stealth detectors on vehicles or defenses that can jeopardize an entire mission and blow their cover, a very deadly mistake when in hostile enemy territory.

Fighting with infantry should also be avoided as much as possible, especially rocket or anti-armor infantry as the tank is too fragile and its missiles lack the power and spread to counter them effectively, even with the Tiberium Core Missiles upgrade. Their only way of effectively engaging infantry is by running them over while stealthed, and even then it is helpless against heavy Infantry that can't be crushed or Scrin Disintegrators that explode when crushed.

Despite this, the Stealth Tank is the magnum opus of Nod's stealth formations and the backbone of Kane's Invisible army during its service in the Second Nod Reunification War, the Third Tiberium War and the Recapturing of the Tacitus. Its high speed is unmatched by other vehicles of similar class and its 10 missile barrage is enough to severely damage or downright destroy enemy vehicles and aircraft in one fell swoop, then disappear into thin air and leave nothing but destruction and perhaps a burning wreck behind.


CNCKW Tiberium Core Missiles Cameo.png Tiberium Core Missiles The power of Tiberium packed into a rocket makes Stealth Tanks even more lethal (Ctrl+D). Purchasable at any Tech Lab for a cost of $2500 and takes 1:15 to research.



When created

  • Stealth tank cleared for combat!

When selected

  • Stealth emitter ready!
  • Stealth tank!
  • Stay unseen!
  • They have no idea...
  • Lie in waiting!
  • Any scanners around?
  • Keep alert!

When moving

  • Stay quiet.
  • Let's wait there!
  • Runnin' smooth!
  • Get into position.
  • We'll hide there!
  • Settling in!
  • Gliding over.

When ordered to attack

  • Get the rockets ready!
  • Ambush 'em!
  • Let's get closer!
  • Sneak up on 'em!

When attacking

  • Fire!
  • Now!
  • Quickly, attack!
  • Hit them!
  • Before they strike back!

In combat

  • Let's make this quick!
  • Finish 'em, hurry!
  • Keep rockin 'em!
  • More rockets!
  • In and out!

When retreating

  • Quick, hide!
  • Stealth! Hurry!
  • We need repairs!


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