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We cannot withstand this Steel Talons onslaught for long. Arrogant their commander may be, but even with his aging weapons, he has us outgunned.
- Kane

The Steel Talons Commander was a GDI commander of the Steel Talons experimental combat division, stationed in Australia during the Second Nod Reunification War.


Attention! Attention, you fanatical scum! Yeah, you didn't think you'd go undetected, did you? This is GDI, Steel Talons territory. We don't take too kindly to you Nod types around here. You'd best get praying to that corpse Prophet of yours, because you don't stand a chance in hell.
- Steel Talons Commander to LEGION

The Steel Talons Commander appeared to have been given command of all Steel Talons forces stationed in Australia. When LEGION's forces landed in Australia and attempted to capture a GDI research facility containing data on Nod stealth technology, he taunted LEGION via video transmission. However, his forces were unable to stop LEGION from downloading the stealth technology data and retreating.[1]

The Steel Talons had also previously set up Pulse Scanners around Marcion's stronghold. These notified the Steel Talons Commander of the presence of Nod forces, whereupon he would send in small strike groups to wipe the detected forces out. However, he vastly underestimated the strength of both Nod forces in the region, and all groups sent into battle were decimated. As a result, he ultimately failed to deal significant damage to either side, and LEGION's forces completed their objective to capture the renegade Black Hand leader with minimal disruption from the Steel Talons.[2]

His last known appearance was at GDI's liquid Tiberium research facility located in the Australian Outback, in charge of the garrison protecting the compound. Once again, he was ultimately unable to prevent LEGION's forces from breaking into and destroying the research facility. An intercepted transmission saw the commander contacting his superior (presumably Joshua Mitchell) regarding the incident, though reported that the destruction of the facility was an accident and that there was no sign of Nod forces in the area. As LEGION had commanded forces from Marcion's Black Hand (who specifically rejected any form of optical camouflage), this was presumably a lie to cover up his failure to defend the facility. Whatever the case, the transmission was prematurely ended by an explosion near the commander, which likely killed him.[3]


While skilled, the Steel Talons Commander had an enormous amount of disdain for the Brotherhood of Nod and considered them nothing more than "fanatical scum". He was additionally noted to be quite arrogant by Kane, a trait that contributed greatly to his undoing. He was also willing to warp the truth to protect his reputation, though a presumably lethal explosion near him rendered such a choice redundant.


The Steel Talons Commander was LEGION's direct opponent in What is Rightfully Ours and A Grand Gesture. He also made a minor appearance (albeit unnamed) in Persuade Him..., commanding the Steel Talons reinforcement groups.


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