The Stegosaurus (Latin for "Roof Lizard", describing the plates on its back) was a species of Dinosaur claimed to have been encountered during the First Tiberium War. It was a slow moving dinosaur used primarily for base assault.


Like the other dinosaurs, scientists treat the Stegosaurus sightings as dubious. In particular, the Stegosaurus had been extinct long before other reported dinosaurs had existed. Stegosaurs did, however, live in packs with many other animals of their kind. The Stegosaur's front legs were far shorter than their back, meaning that the creature would be unable to run. The rows of plates on the back of the creature has been the subject of speculation, the most popular theory being that they were for regulating body heat. For defense, the creature had a tail with four large spikes on it.


Like the Triceratops the Stegosaurus was a slow but well-armored beast. This made it a ideal for assaulting immobile defenses and buildings, but it had to be screened by other units against quick-moving foes. The Stegosaurus was heavy enough to crush infantry, but most infantry could outrun it.


Like all dinosaurs, this creature had no anti-air defense and could be easily killed by an Orca team. Its lack of speed made the Stegosaurus vulnerable to Rocket Infantry, was well as long range units such as Artillery, MLRS and Surface to Surface Missile Launchers.

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