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Nod has captured classified GDI property. You must find and retrieve the stolen equipment. It is being transported in a shipping crate. Use the new APC to strategically transport infantry through Nod forces.
- Mission briefing

Stolen Property is one of the routes for the fourth mission in the GDI campaign of Tiberian Dawn.[1]


With Sheppard away at the United Nations, M.O. Morelli gave a recon report to James Solomon who had been left in charge. Within the Belarus border, a convoy carrying a supply of activated pellet rods stolen from Germany had been spotted by GDI forces. At the same time another convoy was about to set out from Gdansk Poland.

These rods are part of the necessary materials to build a nuclear device, so to prevent Nod from obtaining one of these devices, the GDI had to get the rods back. Two small GDI forces set out to steal the rods from the Nod bases at Gdansk and Bobyrusk.


The forces available to the commanders in these mission were limited. As a result they would have to have resorted to speed and stealth rather than all all-out assault in order to regain the rods.

GDI forces successfully entered the Nod bases and stole back both groups of pellet rods.


  • This mission may be hard for first timers, as Nod has a significant numerical advantage and will make use of ambushes and off map reinforcements against you.
  • The first thing you will be met with when starting the mission is a Tiberium field, order your infantry to enter the two APC's the mission provides you with.
  • APC's and Humvees have sufficient firepower to deal with most Nod troops, but they can still be overwhelmed. Nod will also deploy a significant amount of rocket soldiers.
  • Near the rods, a Nod tank is present, this tank is very hard to destroy with your troops, so it is suggested to outright ignore it or at least have some of your units as bait.
  • Upon crossing the Tiberium field, do not order your troops to leave the APC's, instead:
  • (Poland) After dealing with the troops Nod sends at you and after crossing the Tiberium field, make a left, then follow the dirt road down, then it is a very simple matter of avoiding Nod troops and heading up, there, you will see the crate with the rods.
  • (Belarus) After dealing with the troops Nod sends at you and after crossing the Tiberium field, follow the dirt road to the top, make a left, then follow another dirt road that leads straight to the Nod base, although unlike the Poland variant of this mission, the Nod tank is in a much better position to destroy your troops.


While the rods were being regained GDI forces advanced into Belarus and Poland. Their loss set back Nod plans to assemble a nuclear weapon. Unfortunately, that does not mean that Nod halted production of Nuclear Weapons, as they would later on encounter them in Sarajevo.

Belarus Path

The GDI overruns Belarus and moves into Ukraine.

James Solomon's forces overran Belarus while their commander was leading the mission to regain the rods. With the help of GDI air power from Estonia under M.O. Morelli, Nod forces were swiftly driven out of Belarus much as they had already been driven out of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Nod forces continued to advance into Germany, while Bulgaria and Romania fell completely into Nod hands. Ukraine's defenders however held out desperately for the coming GDI reinforcements....

Poland Path

Having overrun Poland GDI forced were able to move in to reconquer Germany.

With the majority of the Polish Nod forces invading Germany, James Solomon's forces swiftly overran Poland, while their commander was engaged in leading the mission to retrieve the rods from the base in Gdansk.

Some of these forces however were accused rightly or otherwise of the Bialystok massacre.

Nod forces however did not find the fall of Poland quite as devastating as James Solomon had imagined. The sudden defection of neutral Austria to the Nod cause led to German GDI forces once again being outmaneuvered. Advancing from Austria, Denmark and occupied Germany at the same time Nod successfully established control over all of Germany.

It was now up to James Solomon to liberate them from Nod rule.....


Soldiers infiltrating a base (mission start cinematic)
GDI 4A - Stolen Property (Belarus)
GDI 4AW - Stolen Property (Poland)


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