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What the hell is THAT?!
It looks like some kinda localized ion storm!
But that is impossible!!
that to the aliens!!
- GDI troops, witnessing the Storm Column's abilities at Berne
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The Storm Column is the ultimate base defense structure for the Scrin, and has been used extensively to protect vital structures such as their Relay Node assembly.


Storm Columns, much like the Planetary Assault Carrier, are able to somehow artificially generate localized ion storms. While aiding Scrin aircraft, ion storms are lethal to all human forces both on land and in the air, and the Storm Column is consequently an extremely fearsome base defense, with anything within range at risk of being annihilated by an immensely powerful lightning strike.

Scrin aircraft owned by the same army within the storm are enhanced, increasing the damage they deal by 25% and reducing the damage receive by 25%. Additionally, any friendly Scrin aircraft are healed by 5% of their maximum health each second they remain in the storm.


CNCTW Ion Storm Cameo.png
Ion storm The Storm Column's crown generates an Ion Storm that jams enemy missiles, buffs Scrin aircraft by adding +25% damage and reducing incoming damage by adding 25% damage reduction, heals Scrin aircraft by 5% life per second of Ion Storm effect and inflicts damage to hostile units in a short radius around it. Note that all hostile Scrin aircraft only take 20% of this damage.


Fortunately, Storm Columns have a somewhat limited range and their armor leaves them susceptible to high-powered weaponry. Artillery units, notably GDI's Juggernaut, are able to outrange the comparatively small ion storm that it generates and attack it with impunity. Also, large attack forces, while inevitably suffering losses, will be able to destroy it with relative ease.

While it is normally not possible to build one Storm Column immediately next to another (one cannot build under an ion storm), powering down any nearby Storm Columns will allow the placement of another. When a 'wall' of Storm Columns has been created, it is the most potent defensive line in the game, and is enormously costly to defeat (especially when two or three Devastator Warships sit in the ion clouds above). This, however, can be potentially costly in terms of power.

The ion storm lingers for some time after the Storm Column is destroyed, still electrocuting those that are considered enemies of its owner before the storm dissipates.

In Kane's Wrath the ion storm jams missiles and deflect some of the incoming fire.



  • Highly effective against infantry and vehicles.
  • Detects stealth units.
  • Deals splash damage to clumped units.
  • In essence, a Storm Column can strike twice for every shot; one from the storm column itself and one from the ion storm above it.
  • Can fire at both ground and air units.
  • Buffs and heals allied Scrin aircraft when nearby.
  • In Kane's Wrath, the ion storm jams missiles and deflect some of the incoming fire.
  • If destroyed, the storm lasts a few more seconds.


  • High power consumption.
  • Shuts down with insufficient power, leaving the base defenseless.
  • Expensive (costs $3000).
  • Artillery units can destroy the column without taking any damage from it.
  • Low rate of fire and semi-limited range.
  • Buffs and heals enemy Scrin aircraft
  • Enemy Scrin aircraft prove extremely resilient to its lightning.
  • The localized Ion storm gets in the way of structure placement.



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