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Incoming alien air! Blow those suckers out of the sky!
- GDI soldier(src)

Stormriders were Scrin multirole combat aircraft encountered during the Invasion of Earth.


Stormriders were first encountered as they emerged from the ion storms that constantly linger over Red Zones across the world. Fast-attack aircraft armed with twin plasma autocannons, they are effective against both ground and air forces, and seem to benefit greatly from the unstable energy released by ion storms.[1]

The Stormriders bear a striking resemblance to the now retired Nod Banshee, which was known to have been based on alien technology and information from the Tacitus.[2]

Game Unit[]

Rather like a cross between Nod Venoms and VTOL aircraft, Stormriders are constructed from the Gravity Stabilizer and requires one of its landing pads to operate. However, unlike human VTOL aircraft, their weapon does not have a limited clip size. Their weapon is quite effective against light or medium vehicles and aircraft, and combined with their uniquely bottomless ammo supply, are able to carry out prolonged attacks or harassment missions without interruption.

Like all other Scrin aircraft, the Stormrider is buffed upon entering an ion storm: adding 25% extra damage, 25% damage reduction and regenerating 5% of their total hit points per second whilst the effect is active. The effect is lost shortly after the Stormrider leaves the storm.

However, Stormriders are nothing exceptional in terms of armor. Most AA weapons make short work of them, and their movement during their attacks can accidentally steer the Stormrider into the range of AA weapons. Their Rocket-type weapons also lack exceptional effectiveness against infantry, and the personnel of Missile and Militant Rocket Squads can typically survive a Stormrider's attacks and retaliate.





  • Stormriders were first depicted flying out from Drone Platforms, though in every subsequent appearance they are deployed from Gravity Stabilizers.
  • Their weapon damage is explicitly lowered against ground certain units (see Combat/Ground Attack of the InfoBox above).
  • Their function and armament is not unlike that of the Invader fighters launched by Planetary Assault Carriers.

See Also[]

  • Orca, GDI basic aircraft counterpart
  • Firehawk, GDI fighter-bomber counterpart
  • Venom, Nod basic aircraft counterpart


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