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Stowaway is the fifth mission of Command & Conquer: Renegade.[1]


Following his infiltration of the submarine, Parker was briefed by Adam Locke to rescue three prisoners inside the freighter that is heading for Sarajevo to meet Kane. Stuving, the captain, must be killed. If Parker or one prisoner is killed, the mission fails.

Parker encountered a larger Nod presence than at any previous mission, fighting more Nod officers as well as Black Hand elites and an Apache that was guarding the freighter. During his infiltration, he managed to stay concealed for quite some time and found a way to rig up some missiles and torpedoes to destroy the ship once they escaped. Parker also came face-to-face with an escaped initiate in one hallway, hinting at Project ReGenesis.

The freighter was destroyed after all three prisoners are rescued. Stuving was killed by Parker attempting to kill him following Nod forces being breached without noticing a rescue attempt. All the three prisoners were repatriated and Parker is sent on his next mission immediately, to help the Dead 6 in the assault on Raveshaw's compound.


Primary Objectives
Ren POG M04 1 01 Rescue Prisoners
The GDI prisoners are held captive somewhere on the ship, probably on the lower decks. Find them and bring them to safety.
Ren POG M04 1 02 Acquire Prison Security Card
The prison guard has the security card needed to open the prison chambers. Acquire it from him and release the prisoners.
Ren POG M04 1 03 Sabotage Missile Racks
Sabotaging the missile racks will assist in ship destruction. Approach each of the four missile racks and sabotage them.
Ren POG M04 1 04 Sabotage Torpedo Racks
Sabotaging the two torpedo racks will assist in ship destruction. Approach each of the two torpedo racks and sabotage them.
Ren POG M04 1 05 Acquire Submarine Security Card
The submarine security card is held by the ship captain. Find and eliminate him to obtain the submarine security card.
Ren POG M04 1 06 Protect Prisoners
The prisoners are under attack in the submarine bay. Protect them until the area is secure, then board the submarine and escape.
Ren POG M04 1 07 Acquire Deck Security Card
The First Mate has a security card that accesses the fore deck area. Eliminate him and obtain the security card to progress.
Secondary Objectives
Ren POG M04 2 01 Destroy Defenses
The ship defenses are located on the upper decks of the vessel. Locate these and destroy them.
Ren POG M04 2 01 Disable Critical Engine Areas
Disable the four critical engine areas to disable ship propulsion. Consider using C4 to destroy these critical parts.
Ren POG M04 2 02 Destroy Apache
A Nod Apache is patrolling the outside of the ship. Locate the Apache and destroy it.

New weapons[]


Valuable assets[]

  • Green security card Green security card - Retrieved from the Nod scientist guarded by a Black Hand stealth soldier in the first ship superstructure room above deck. Acquiring it completes the "Acquire Prison Security Card" objective.
  • Yellow security card Yellow security card - Retrieved from First Mate Gilligan, who is located on bridge guarded by flamethrower infantry.
  • Red security card Red security card - Held by Stuving, who is located on the forecastle guarded by chemical warriors.


Commando difficulty walkthrough


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